Fans call out Billie Eilish over her merch, calling it "too expensive"

(image via Sportskeeda)
(image via Sportskeeda)

Billie Eilish has been promoting her documentary "The World’s A Little Blurry" all over her social media accounts for the past few days.

As part of the launch hype, Eilish also announced a merch line for the documentary. Fans are now claiming that the merchandise is absurdly expensive.

Fans have since taken to Twitter to call out the absurd pricing scheme of the products.

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Billie Eilish's merch gets backlash for being too expensive

The 19-year-old musician's merch line is getting a lot of flak from the online community for charging astronomical prices on mundane products like hoodies.

The main criticism from users is that selling overpriced merch around the $200 range to teens during a global economic crisis is quite irresponsible.

Even though most users are shocked at the merch's crazy pricing scheme, some fans are willing to shell out hundreds of dollars. Some of the merch items have already sold out.

Some Twitter users have resorted to hilarious memes about the lengths that they'd have to go to if they wanted to get their hands on a pair of Billie Eilish merch.

Here are some responses from Twitter users on Billie Eilish's merchandise:

Billie Eilish has acknowledged the inflated prices. She stated that they're in place to ensure that her clothing is sustainable, of higher quality, and built to last longer. There were also high labor and material costs involved in manufacturing the items.

The merch is selling out quite quickly despite the high prices. It seems like fans are happy with their purchase.

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