Following BLACKSWAN Fatou and Leia's falling out, DR MUSIC makes a statement

DR MUSIC issues clarifying statement after drama between BLACKSWAN members (Image via Instagram/blackswan___official)
DR MUSIC issues clarifying statement after drama between BLACKSWAN members (Image via Instagram/blackswan___official)

BLACKSWAN's managing entertainment label DR Entertainment has made an official statement through their Twitter account regarding the K-pop group's members Fatou and Leia.

This comes after the two K-pop idols had a public falling out where they accused one another of bullying and manipulation, amongst other things, through their social media accounts. The posts were taken down soon after they were made.

BLACKSWAN to continue ongoing promotions with no line-up changes

BLACKSWAN's agency DR MUSIC has made a public statement after the public blow-up between the group's members Fatou and Leia.

According to the statement, BLACKSWAN will continue with the promotions for their latest music release, Close to Me, a single album that came out on October 14 this year.

DR MUSIC clarified that the dispute between the two clashing members had allegedly been resolved and that they would "prove through activities that their friendship has not changed." However, fans and non-fans of the group are showing high skepticism towards that particular line in the statement.

The company apologized to the group's fans, known as LUMINA, for all of the conflict and mess that took place on a public platform over the past week. The organization explained that they spoke to all the members and clarified all the misunderstandings between one another.

In addition to the apology, DR MUSIC asked community members and followers of the group not to debate upon the issue or use harmful words towards the girls. In their words,

"In particular, criticism of a particular nationality or face undermines the positive purpose we had when we created a global girl group."

Part of the label's statement that fans have zoned in on is that they denied the bullying allegations that Leia had accused BLACKSWAN members of. Fatou, who hails from Senegal, was targeted the most out of all of the singers, with racial slurs and other insults thrown her way.

However, the label has allegedly not made any comment on whether Fatou's allegations against Leia's character are true or not. Soon after Leia's accusations were made, she uploaded several Instagram stories detailing her experience with Leia, which she took down soon after.

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