Black Swan member Fatou's denial statement after accusations of bullying Leia deleted

Black Swan members during happier days (blackswan__official/Instagram)
Black Swan members during happier days (blackswan__official/Instagram)

Black Swan member Fatou was accused of bullying fellow member Leia on November 12. The allegations were made based on screenshots of messages shared with an alleged relative of Leia's and Access Leia, a fan community. On November 14, Fatou responded with a lengthy post denying all allegations.

In a statement shared on her social media handle and then deleted, Fatou claimed that fellow Black Swan member Leia was manipulative. She also revealed that Leia would talk about her behind her back and not in a complimentary manner.

Fatou's statement denying allegations of bullying fellow Black Swan member Leia

Fatou said in this statement:

"I've been thinking about this for some time. After careful consideration about everything being done, and said I couldn't hold it in anymore. We have a member in our group named Leia (Larissa). She is a gigantic headache to everyone in the company."

The Black Swan member continued:

"From our CEO to our teachers down to us the members. The biggest problem is she always, every single second of the day, thinks only about herself. This is a group. She's not a solo artist without any consideration about the people around her. She does whatever she wants without ever thinking about other people. Everyone has to run around her. Everyone has to match to her beat. Everyone has to only think about her. Why? Because in her mind, she should always be the main focus in everything."

Black Swan's Fatou also cited instances of Leia behaving frustratingly and said:

"While waiting for our performance at Music Bank for Close to me, our fan manager told us to take pictures individually because she needs our individual pictures to post on our group's Instagram. So that's what I was doing, suddenly she appears next to me to take pictures together. I told her no, I need to take pics alone this time like every other member was doing, and she too at one point. But because I said no that time, she brought it up during a meeting we had with our director."

Black Swan's Fatou alleged that Leia had twisted the situation, explaining:

"She took that situation, and she changed into me not liking her, and that's why I didn't want to take pictures with her. There have been many of these types of situations. Not only with me but with the other members too. But she's always particularly zoomed in on me; I don't know why. This also happened very recently. After arriving at our dorm, Leia began calling her friend and telling them she's going to ruin us when she's out (this is also something she says a lot "I don't want to be here, I don't want to be in this group")."

Fatou added about Leia manipulating the band:

"She manipulates and gaslights everyone to the point that I'm amazed at how someone like her actually exists. She also likes to deny that certain words came out of her mouth, despite 4/5 people being in the room clearly hearing her say those words. She would boldface just deny that those words ever came out of her mouth."

At the end of the long statement that included other instances of unfair treatment by Leia, the Black Swan member said:

"There's a whole lot more I'd like to say. But for the last remaining respect I still have for her, I'll stop here. I hope you get your act straight. Because if you keep acting like this. One day you will meet someone who will not accept you so gracefully as we did."

Leia, meanwhile, posted a message against the racist remarks posted by fans against fellow Black Swan member Fatou.