'Friends': 5 men Monica dated before she said yes to Chandler Bing

Monica Geller in Friends (Image via IMDb)
Monica Geller in Friends (Image via IMDb)

Friends was not just a show about friendships but also had loads of relationships and love triangles going on which eventually gave everyone the best out of all - Monica and Chandler.

While the show may not be on air anymore, it still manages to draw a new audience every day and resides in the hearts of many. The six friends might've dated and ended up being with each other (except Phoebe and Joey), but throughout the duration of the show, they all had numerous paramours.

Monica Geller and her dating history in 'Friends'


The 'neat freak' Monica had gone through lots of relationships before finding her ideal partner, who was actually right in front of her all along. Before marrying Chandler and becoming Mrs. Bing, Monice dates some funny but genuine guys for brief periods.

Here is a list of Monica's top 5 boyfriends in Friends.

1) Richard Burke

Monica's first big love on Friends, Richard, was like the Mr.Big of the show. Sure, they had a certain age difference but they were great together. The two were mature and compatible, there was chemistry, and he already knew her parents.

Richard was essentially the love of Monica's life until Chandler happened. He was a well established and sophisticated person who gave Monica a sense of stability.

The only reason the couple parted ways was because Richard didn't want children as he already had them. He did try to win Monica back by changing his mind later on but it was too late. The two dated in Season 2, reunited in Season 3 with Richard's last appearance coming in Season 6.

2) Alan

Still from Friends - Monica and Alan (Image via YouTube)
Still from Friends - Monica and Alan (Image via YouTube)

Alan was one of the guys Monica dated in Season 1 of Friends. She was hesitant to introduce him to her friends but in the end, everybody loved him. He helps the group win their baseball game and is a really nice guy. He was also the one to convince Chandler to stop smoking.

The only thing is, Monica doesn't feel any connection with him and it turns out that he never really liked her friends when they broke up.

3) Pete Becker

Pete was another one of Monica's notable and long-lasting relationships. A millionaire with great tech and a somewhat 90s version of Tony Stark, Pete had true feelings for Monica and treated her really well.

He even buys a restaurant to make Monica the head chef but she isn't sure about feeling attracted to him.

Eventually, Monica develops feelings for him but it's at a bad time. Pete turns into a UFC fighter even though he is abysmal, this makes Monica let go of him.

4) Paul the Wine Guy

The worst guy Monica ever dated was definitely Paul the Wine Guy. He appeared in the pilot episode and on their date, he tells her that ever since his wife left him, intimacy has become an issue.

This turns out to be a lie to reel in Monica. However, she does find out that he pulled the same line on her co-worker.

Monica ends the relationship with Paul by stepping on his watch.

5) Fun Bobby

Still from Friends - Monica and Fun Bobby (Image via YouTube)
Still from Friends - Monica and Fun Bobby (Image via YouTube)

Fun Bobby is Monica's on-and-off boyfriend on Friends. He appeared in the first two seasons of the show and everybody loved him until they found out about his alcoholism.

After becoming sober, Fun Bobby becomes Ridiculously Dull Bobby due to which Monica starts getting drunk around him so that he looks entertaining to her.

Funny enough, Fun Bobby starts thinking that Monica has a drinking problem and ends his relationship with her as it was not good for his sobriety.

In the end, Monica married the perfect guy a.k.a her best friend and neighbor Chandler. Their relationship did come off as a surprise not just to the audience but also to their friends.

Stream Friends on Netflix and enjoy the great relationships Monica had before getting married.

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