'Friends': 5 times Rachel Green was mean to Ross Geller

Still from Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)
Still from Friends (Image via Sportskeeda)
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Rachel and Ross, according to some, are the power couple of Friends, while others dismiss their relationship as toxic. It cannot be denied that the way the duo would break up and get back together again was not a very healthy approach to a relationship, but their chemistry stole the show and the hearts of the audience.

With the big controversy over the 'break' that popularized the term for current generations, Rachel established that Ross cheated on her. But there were a number of instances where she herself was problematic and mean to him.

5 times Rachel was mean to Ross in Friends

1) Temper tantrums

In the second episode of the third season of Friends, Ross is late for an important event and cannot get his friends to get ready so that they could leave. The episode was chaotic, with Ross's anxiety rising by the minute.

In such a situation Rachel begins throwing temper tantrums and Ross would do anything to calm her down, including drink a glass of chicken fat. Rachel was not a supportive friend or a partner.

2) Sabotages Ross and Bonnie's relationship

When Phoebe sets up her friend Bonnie with Ross, Rachel acts cool about it but jealousy soon overtakes her. In an attempt to break the two up and make Ross miserable, she manipulates Bonnie to shave her head. Then she forced Ross to break up with the clueless girl by professing her own love for him.

3) Lies to protect her ego

In the One with the videotape episode of Friends, Ross and Rachel tell their friends about the night they spent together. But they present different versions of it. To prove their perspectives, they show the videotape.

Rachel claimed that Ross had come onto her, but the tape clearly showed otherwise. She instigated the latter to make the first move with the 'backpacking through Europe' story, which was a classic move, invented by Joey. It proved that she was lying.

4) Prom

Rachel would always ignore Ross's feelings for her and take advantage of him. When Rachel's date did not show up for her high school prom, the latter stepped up to save the situation and got dressed to take her out.

But when Rachel's actual date arrived, she left Ross to go off with him. This left him crestfallen.

5) Eighteen pages front and back

After Rachel had forced Ross to break up with Bonnie, she wrote an 18 page letter blaming him for the entire situation. She wanted him to take the blame for it all. However, none of it was Ross's fault as he was rejected by Rachel herself.

Even then, he relents but this does not stop Rachel from engaging in verbal altercations with him and being mean.

Ross and Rachel had a tumultuous relationship over the ten seasons of Friends.

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