'Friends': 5 times Ross Geller was the possessive boyfriend

David Schwimmer as Ross Geller in Friends (Image via IMDb)
David Schwimmer as Ross Geller in Friends (Image via IMDb)

Friends was and continues to be a mega-hit sitcom that has devoted followers of all ages. The show remains evergreen, with numerous people across the globe binging it time and again. Set in the 90s, this show is centered around a group of six friends who became global hearthrobs. Everyone wants a group of friends like them.

One of the most famous on-screen relationships has been that of Ross and Rachel, with their break up being the subject of debate for many Friends fans. The classic dialog "We were on a break!" has been repeated countless times in the history of pop culture. Consequently, many fans have found Ross to be the literal worst boyfriend, with some even calling him toxic.


Here's a list of 5 times Ross Geller was the possessive boyfriend.

1) When Rachel began working at Bloomingdale's

Image via Digital Spy
Image via Digital Spy

When Rachel finally got her dream job at Bloomingdale's, Ross became jealous of her co-worker Mark. He also complained about Rachel being constantly busy with work and not spending enough time with him. He constantly complained about her job and Mark. He even embarrassed her at work by sending flowers, chocolates, a heart-shaped picture of himself, and a barbershop quartet, all to mark his territory.

2) When he sabotaged every relationship Rachel had

More than a possessive boyfriend, Ross was possessive of Rachel in a problematic manner. Whether it was Paolo, the Italian pervert, or Joey, Tag, Gavin, Russ, or any of the others. Ross always found a way to sabotage it and never let Rachel move on. This hilarious yet problematic scene with Ross, Charlie, Joey and Rachel on a double date was a testament to his possessiveness over Rachel.

3) When he didn't get his accidental marriage with Rachel annulled

Ross and Rachel's on-and-off chemistry was a pervading theme in Friends. As the years go by, their relationship starts looking more and more problematic. One of the many problematic things Ross did due to his possessiveness of Rachel was lie to her about getting the marriage annulled after they got back from Vegas.

Desperation isn't a good color for anyone but Ross wore it constantly. It looked worse than his fake tan accident.

4) When he wouldn't let Rachel hire a male nanny

Image via IMDb
Image via IMDb

In Friends' season 6, episode 9, Freddie Pinze Jr. stars as Sandy, the male nanny. Once again fans get to see Ross' possessive side as he initially doesn't let Rachel hire Sandy, and then complains about him constantly.

5) When he dated other women

Ross was the most possessive boyfriend in Friends and most of his relationships ended because of his antics. While dating Emily, he wouldn't allow her to talk to Susan, his ex-wife's partner, fearing she would break them up. He also tried to stop Elizabeth, the student he dated, from going on a beach trip with her friends or wearing a bikini on the trip.

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