'Friends': 5 reasons why Joey Tribbiani and Chandler Bing are more than just bracelet buddies   

Chandler and Joey in Friends (Image via IMDb)
Chandler and Joey in Friends (Image via IMDb)

Friends may have ended 17 years ago but the show lives on in the hearts of people worldwide. The evergreen sitcom is every fan's fallback option when they wish to watch a comfort show or just don't want to start something new. Recently, the show had its HBO reunion special, and the craze still surrounding the 90s sitcom became evident.

Out of all the friendships in Friends, Chandler and Joey were probably 'friendship goals.' The two shared an apartment and some of the most hilarious and heartwarming scenes throughout the show. It's worth looking back at this iconic friendship once again.


Here's a look at 5 reasons why Joey and Chandler were more than just bracelet buddies.

1) Apartment shenanigans

Chandler and Joey were more than just friends. They were roommates who set the highest standards for roommates all over the world. The barcaloungers, the foosball table, the chick and the duck, were all what made Chandler and Joey's friendship so much fun and unique.

Who wouldn't want to live with these two best friends? They build forts inside their apartment and hit each other with bubble wrap on. These two know how to have fun.

2) They can't live without each other

Image via IMDb
Image via IMDb

When Joey got the role of Doctor Drake Ramoray on Days of Our Lives, he became rich and moved out to live in a better apartment. Though they did not admit it, both Chandler and Joey missed each other terribly.

When Joey finally came back and hugged Chandler from behind, it left viewers with tears of joy. Similarly, when Chandler moved to Tulsa for his job, Joey was a lot sadder than Monica and couldn't wait for him to come back.

3) They had each other's back no matter what

What makes Joey and Chandler's friendship the most remarkable in Friends is their level of trust and loyalty. Whether it was them pretending to be a gay couple to woo women together or Joey's hernia, they always stuck together.

Joey told Chandler about Janice cheating on him even though it hurt him and Chandler told Joey about being in love with Kathy. They never let lies get in the way of their friendship.

4) They are always in sync

Whether it's code language for hitting on pretty girls or breaking into a weird dance routine, Joey and Chandler were always on the same page. Their friendship plays a major role in making Friends so entertaining. The two of them had as many inside jokes as they had hugs and insults for each other.

5) The Joey room

Image via The Telegraph
Image via The Telegraph

When Chandler and Monica decide to buy a new house together, they make sure there is a designated room for Joey to grow old in. That's the level of closeness Chandler and Joey shared. They were best friends for life and no amount of life changes altered their friendship.

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