Top 5 mistakes in Friends you probably missed

Still from "Friends" (Image via Warner Bros.)
Still from "Friends" (Image via Warner Bros.)

"Friends" is a highly successful NBC show that has a massive global fan following. Those obsessed with the show pour over every detail and often get attached to the storyline. While the show has many iconic moments that have become pop culture canon, some glaring errors are hard to miss.

“Friends: The Reunion” is all set to be released on streaming platforms this week. Before heading to a binge-watch session of all 10 seasons from the show, readers should gain some insight into bloopers and errors in continuity. Some self-proclaimed "Friends" fanatics might not have identified these.

#1 - The Disappearing writing (Friends season 4 episode 20)

Still of Ross in Joey's apartment from "Friends" season 4 episode 20
Still of Ross in Joey's apartment from "Friends" season 4 episode 20

The episode "The One With All The Wedding Dresses" is centered around Monica, Rachel, and Phoebe's shopping trip for Ross and Emily's wedding. But things take a turn when they decide to try out wedding gowns as well.

The error in season 4's episode 20 occurs when Ross goes over to Chandler and Joey's apartment.

A Magna doodle put up on the wall across their fridge changes after a shot. The message is quite straightforward and hilarious to read. One can only wonder if the doodle writing reflects Chandler and Joey's true thoughts.

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#2 - Monica’s evil, painful heels are back in her apartment?


Who wouldn't remember Monica's high-heeled boots? The devil spawned the painstaking pumps in season 8. But after hours of walking around in New York, Monica finally agreed that her impulsive purchase gave her bleeding feet.

Fortunately, Chandler piggy-backs her home. But Monica later realized her high-heeled boots were left behind during her stop. Though many viewers thought that was the last they saw of Monica's boots, it made a mysterious comeback in her apartment. Moreover, the heels were no longer hurting her feet anymore.

Readers are left to their interpretation of this scene. Perhaps, Monica finally found a new pair of boots in NYC, which didn't have her begging for mercy.

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#3 - Chandler and Rachel met three times... for the first time?


Any fanatic would remember when Chandler first met Rachel. Season 1, Episode 1, had Monica introduce her best friend to the entire gang after running away from the wedding. The scene was established as Chandler's first interaction with Rachel, but two other instances from the show suggested the same outcome.

In season 3, episode 6, titled "The One with the Flashback," Chandler and Rachel meet for the first time, as suggested by their interaction.

In season 5, episode 8, "One with All the Thanksgivings," a flashback sequence from Monica's high school days shows a college-going Chandler meeting Rachel for the first time.

#4 - Chandler confessed his love for Monica...twice!


Chandler confesses his love for Monica is a moment to cherish in "Friends." But when exactly did he share his feelings for her?

"The One Where Everybody Finds Out" shows Chandler declaring his love for Monica. While Rachel, Joey, and Phoebe tried setting up the pair, they confessed that they were already dating.

To paraphrase Chandler expressing his love to Monica,

“I’m in love with Monica. Yes, I love her. I love her. I love you, Monica.”

Although surprised and speechless for a few moments, Monica says it's the first time Chandler has said the "L-word."

However, in "Friends," season 5 episode "One with All the Thanksgivings" shows Chandler confessing his love after seeing Monica wear a turkey on her head.

"You look so great, I love you."

Though Chandler denies saying it, Monica heard it loud and clear like every other "Friends" fan.

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#5 - The one with Joey’s new shirt (Friends season 5 episode 17)

Still of Joey knocking on Ross' apartment (Image via Warner Bros.)
Still of Joey knocking on Ross' apartment (Image via Warner Bros.)

This episode is dedicated to Joey's search for the "hot girl" living in Ross' apartment building. But Joey's luck lands him in Ross's apartment. The scene shows Joey wearing a purple button-up shirt while knocking on the corridor.

But the shirt surprisingly changes to a black zip-up top by the time Ross opens the door.

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