Top 5 Friends' episodes to re-watch ahead of the Reunion special

Chandler and Joey fight over a seat in Friends season 3
Chandler and Joey fight over a seat in Friends season 3

The iconic NBC sitcom from the '90s, “Friends”, is bringing the gang together for a reunion special later this week. Meanwhile, many fans are preparing themselves for the much-anticipated special by binge-watching their favorite episodes from the past.

Over the years, Joey’s antics, Chandler’s sarcastic humor, Phoebe's songs, Ross and Rachel’s romance and Monica’s fun-filled journey in finding her other half have managed to entertain and make "Friends'" fans laugh.

Here is a list of some of the most memorable episodes from "Friends", loved by both fans and critics.

The One with the Blackout - Friends season 1


Episode 7 of Season 1 in “Friends” delivers some of the early heartwarming and hilarious moments from the show when the city of New York goes through a blackout.

Chandler gets stuck in an ATM with Jill Goodacre, a Victoria’s Secret model. He is visibly nervous and excited by this. The scene only gets better when he accidentally chokes on a bubble gum.

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Ross, on the other hand, tries to confess his feelings for Rachel. His hesitation has Joey convinced that his friend may enter the “friendzone” if he fails to tell her how he feels.

It’s believed that the term “friendzone” was coined in this episode.

The One Where Ross Finds Out - Friends season 2


In one of the much anticipated romantic moments of the series, Ross and Rachel finally share a monumental passionate kiss outside Central Perk, confirming their mutual attraction in Season 2 Episode 7.

However, things get complicated as Ross is still dating Julie and they plan to get a cat together.

Meanwhile, an unemployed Monica, who was recently fired from her job, takes up a new task of being Chandler's personal trainer. However, the workout sessions aren’t as easy as Chandler presumed.

The episode kept viewers engaged throughout, especially when Ross hears Rachel’s drunk message from the night before.

The One Where No One's Ready - Friends season 3


One of the highest ranked episodes on IMDb , “Friends” Season 3 Episode 2 has the entire gang in one room as they get ready for Ross’s black tie event at the museum.

However, things digress into hilariousness when Joey takes over Chandler’s seat while Chandler goes to the bathroom. Monica has a freak-out over a voice message from Richard, and Rachel continues to contemplate which dress she’d like to wear.

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Joey and Chandler’s argument also ends with Phoebe joining in on the chaos after they accidentally spoil her yellow dress. But it’s fair to say Ross’s time management made it one of the funniest episodes to date.

The One with the Football - Friends season 3


It’s all about the Geller cup in “Friends” Season 3 Episode 9 as Monica and Ross are pitted against each other over an old sibling rivalry, resurfacing on their Thanksgiving dinner.

Rachel’s initial addition to Ross’ team and later exchanged for Joey, delivers a hilarious ending to the football match.

Things take a hilarious turn for the worst for Monica and Ross when Joey and Chandler are distracted by a Dutch girl called Margha. But who gets the Geller cup? Some say Ross and Monica are still fighting over the ball in the dark.

The One with Chandler in a Box - Friends season 4


Why is Chandler in a box? “He’s doing some thinking.” Joey and Chandler’s friendship faces a hurdle in Season 4 Episode 8. After Chandler kisses Kathy behind his back, he sentences Chandler to five years of silent treatment.

It’s clear that Joey’s sentiments were hurt by Chandler’s behavior. Fortunately for Chandler, Joey comes up with a punishment to make up for it, spend six hours in a box. An act which is equivalent to when Joey was stuck inside in the entertainment center when the apartment got robbed in Season 4 Episode 2.

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Throughout the episode, viewers see Chandler inside the box, but breaking the room's tension with his humor. Meanwhile, Monica faces an icy situation and ends up going to her on-call doctor who turns out to be her ex-boyfriend Richard’s son Timothy.

Things take a weird twist when Monica invites the handsome young Timothy for Thanksgiving. However, the episode wraps it up with an emotional ending when Joey forgives Chandler.

All 10 seasons of “Friends” is available to stream on Netflix in a few regions such as Canada, Australia and India. Fans in the US can use the HBO Max streaming service.

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