“He’d have 10 kids”: David Schwimmer reveals what Joey Tribbiani could be doing in 2021 ahead of Friends Reunion

Still from the "Friends" series featuring Joey (Image via Warner Bros.)
Still from the "Friends" series featuring Joey (Image via Warner Bros.)

The wait for the “Friends Reunion" special is almost over. Ahead of the one-off, the main cast has opened up on their experience of being a part of the NBC sitcom.

Each of the main lead actors, especially Matt LeBlanc, has given a thought to what Joey Tribbiani and the rest of the gang would be up to in 2021.

In an interview promoting the forthcoming “The One Where They Get Back Together,” the cast shared their “nostalgic” experience of being back on the original soundstage together.

The cast was brought on the old set at Warner Bros. studio, where the show “Friends” was filmed.

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An unemployed Joey Tribbiani still trying to be an actor in "Friends" 2021

In an interview speaking with ET about the impact of the show on their lives, the jovial cast was also asked what they think their characters would be doing in the “Friends” world in 2021.

Matt LeBlanc thinks Joey didn’t get the happy ending fans thought he would:

“Joey Tribbiani in 2021 would probably... he’d be brain dead.”

David Schwimmer was quick to pitch in and say:

“Oh, he’d have 10 kids!”

However, Matthew Perry joined LeBlanc in saying:

“Brain dead and in the unemployment line.”

LeBlanc also added that Joey would “still be trying” to be an actor. But in the other interview with Lisa Kudrow and others, Kudrow said that Joey “gave up acting.”

Fans of the show will remember that Joey’s acting career was filled with ups and downs. In "Friends," Joey’s big-screen appearance in a movie about soldiers in World War I was by far the biggest role he got to play. The casting as Dr. Drake Ramoray on “Days of our Lives” was apparently the only popular appearance during the 10 season run.

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The spin-off series starring Joey (LeBlanc) also touched upon the character’s life in Hollywood but failed to appeal to fans very early on in the show.

Perhaps, fans can expect to learn more about Joey Tribbiani in the forthcoming “Friends: The Reunion” special releasing on May 27.

Viewers in the U.S. can stream the Friends Reunion via HBO Max, while other regions such as Southeast Asia and the Middle East can tune in via HBO Go, OSN, etc.

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