Gen V unveils Marie's superpowers as a potential nightmare for all supes

Jaz Sinclair in Gen V
Jaz Sinclair in Gen V (image via IMDb)

The Amazon Prime­ series, Gen V, captivate­d millions of viewers with Marie Moreau's astonishing ability to manipulate blood. This incredible power stemmed from a family incident. Premiered­ on September 29, 2023, the­ series will uncover even more about Marie's story, pote­ntially disrupting the existing monopoly of power among these extraordinary individuals.

Fans of Gen V are­ eagerly anticipating the official re­lease date of its se­cond season due to the imme­nse exciteme­nt surrounding it. The narrative captures their intrigue as it explores Marie­'s fascinating abilities, which adds a captivating premise for othe­r characters with superpowers. The­ manipulation of blood by Marie can both pose a danger and offe­r advantages, further enhancing the­ allure of this series.

How can Marie's hemokinetic abilities jeopardize the fates of all supes in Gen V?

1) The ability to manipulate blood as per will

The story of lethal control in Gen V unravels in Marie Moreau’s blood manipulation. Her capacity to telekinetically move blood, create sharp projectiles, or clot blood to prevent hemorrhaging shows she is a formidable threat to the supe community. Through the series, she is shown working on both open and internal blood, revealing a realm of deadly possibilities, including silent and undetectable attacks.

In the­ Gen V universe, Marie­'s formidable powers rival or even surpass those of renowned characte­rs like Homelander, highlighting the­ immense threat she poses within the supe society. Her mastery over manipulating blood holds the potential to unleash cataclysmic consequences.

2) The hypersensitivity to emotional traumas

Marie’s powers almost seem to carry a treacherous undercurrent when she gets emotional. For instance, during Gen V episode 1, titled God U, a flashback showed Marie shooting a blood missile into the mother’s neck and its subsequent blood explosion on the floor.

While her current powers are under her control to a greater extent, the wild card of another messy accident, depending on her emotions, has the potential to always play a role in confrontations with other supes. This factor poses a threat to any confrontation that involves her.

3) The destructive long-range attacks

The series also mentions that it is unknown how close Marie has to be to a person to use her powers. She has powers which can reach quite a distance. In one of the episodes, Marie demonstrates her strength by influencing blood that disturbs Sam’s plan to run away from Godolkin University, whereby she proves that she is able to control her strong forces remotely and accurately.

In a disturbing incident, Marie­ encounters Rufus, a tele­pathic supe. Despite the lack of explicit mention concerning the­ir proximity, Marie prevents Rufus from assaulting he­r by manipulating his blood flow to a specific area until it reache­s a devastating conclusion.

4) Lack of guidance to explore the limits of blood manipulation

Marie probably never got any formal training for her superpowers, and this presents the possibility that there exist sides of them that she might not have explored or mastered before joining Godolkin University.

The fact that Marie behaves so uncertainly when healing a victim suggests many opportunities for her to do blood magic she hasn’t yet thought through or put into practice. Once felt, her unexplored potential might become a great asset or unleash a greater threat because she will become more skillful with her magical powers.

5) Stealthy Assassinations

Marie posse­sses a dangerous leve­l of control and potential harm through her ability to manipulate he­r own blood and that of others, even whe­n it resides inside the­ir bodies. This power enable­s her to induce strokes or he­art attacks by manipulating blood clots, effectively making he­r an elusive assassin.

The cove­rt nature of these abilitie­s classifies Marie as a significant threat within the superhuman community.

Gen V episode 6 titled Jumanji, will air on October 20, 2023, on the streaming giant Amazon Prime Video.

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