General Hospital spoilers for next week from February 12 to 16, 2024

Gregory (L) and Tracy (R) on General Hospital (Images via ABC)
Gregory (L) and Tracy (R) on General Hospital (Images via ABC)

General Hospital will deliver a lineup of drama starting Monday, February 12, through Friday, February 16. This week, the people at General Hospital are faced with important choices, as tensions increase and hidden truths come to light.

Laura and Kevin are facing a huge dilemma while Gregory is opening up to Tracy which is bringing them closer. Nina's bold move has left Drew and Carly questioning her motives. Meanwhile, Sonny is harboring suspicions about Dex, which is causing tension among their allies. On the other hand, Trina seeks comfort from Spencer following his loss.

In a week full of explosive stories, the show is set to deliver non-stop tension and gripping drama to leave fans breathless.

General Hospital spoilers for the week of February 12 to 16, 2024

Monday, February 12

The week, the show starts with Laura and Kevin facing a big decision that could have a huge impact on their lives. This forces them to confront their biggest fears and desires.

At the same time, Gregory opens up to Tracy, which makes their bond stronger and potentially leads to some big revelations in the future. Nina's bold actions surprise Drew and Carly, making them question her motives and what she wants.

On the other hand, Sonny becomes suspicious of Dex, causing tension and testing alliances. Trina is having a hard time dealing with Spencer's loss and is trying to find some comfort in all the chaos and uncertainty.

Tuesday, February 13

Dex Heller in General Hospital (Image via ABC)
Dex Heller in General Hospital (Image via ABC)

Dex is in a tough spot as his past comes back to haunt him, risking his well-planned disguise. Carly discovers something shocking that shakes her beliefs, causing her to question everything.

Meanwhile, Molly is struggling with unexpected news about Kristina and TJ's baby, forcing her to face hard truths and navigate uncertain territory. Laura and Elizabeth's bond is tested, as they confront their differences and find common ground during difficult times.

At the same time, Ava looks for comfort in friendship to ease her loneliness, reaching out to those who can relate to her pain in General Hospital.

Wednesday, February 14

Love is in the air in Port Charles for Valentine's Day, bringing a mix of happiness, heartbreak, and unexpected twists. Sonny's anger is bubbling up as he confronts his past and tries to find peace in the present.

Maxie opens up to Sasha about her worries and insecurities, forming a bond amid the chaos. Portia and Curtis celebrate their wedding anniversary, reflecting on the challenges and successes that have strengthened their relationship.

Interestingly, Chase and Brook Lynn reach a significant milestone in General Hospital. Meanwhile, Sam and Dante face troubling news about Danny, forcing them to confront their fears and uncertainties directly.

Thursday, February 15

Anna and Valentin on the soap (Image via Instagram/@generalhospitalabc)
Anna and Valentin on the soap (Image via Instagram/@generalhospitalabc)

Things are getting pretty intense in Port Charles as old wounds resurface and new alliances form. Anna and Valentin's reunion has "Vanna" fans feeling hopeful about reigniting their passionate connection.

Nina is faced with a tempting offer that could have major consequences, leading her to confront her deepest desires and fears. Dante and Jordan receive some unwelcome news on General Hospital.

Ava offers Sonny wise words and guidance. She reminds him of his inner strength and resilience. Josslyn's determination puts her in a risky and uncertain situation, where she has to face her fears and insecurities head-on.

Friday, February 16

The week wraps up with a bang as tensions rise and secrets are revealed. Sonny gives a serious warning that has everyone on edge in Port Charles. On the other hand, Anna, Dante, and Jordan come together to come up with a plan to uncover the truth and keep their loved ones safe.

Cyrus tries to help Laura protect Nikolas, while Alexis supports Sam and gives her some advice. Ava's guidance of Trina's newfound independence brings up doubts about their relationship and forces them to face their fears.

Interested readers can watch General Hospital on their local ABC channel every weekday. Or, they can catch up on episodes online on the ABC website and streaming platforms.

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