George Clooney Net Worth 2024

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George Clooney Net Worth
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According to Celebrity Net Worth, George Clooney has a net worth of $500 million.

George Clooney is an American actor, director, producer, and screenwriter who was born on May 6, 1961, in Lexington, Kentucky. He first gained recognition for his role as Dr. Doug Ross on the television show “ER” in the 1990s. Since then, he has become one of the most famous and respected actors in Hollywood, known for his good looks, charisma, and talent. Clooney has appeared in many successful movies, including “Ocean's Eleven,” “Up in the Air,” “The Descendants,” and “Gravity.”

He has won numerous awards for his work, including two Academy Awards (Best Supporting Actor for “Syriana” and Best Picture for “Argo”), four Golden Globe Awards, and a BAFTA Award. In addition to his work in film and television, Clooney is also known for his activism and philanthropy.

He has been involved in many humanitarian causes, including efforts to end the conflict in Darfur, promote democracy in Myanmar, and provide aid to victims of natural disasters. Clooney has been married to human rights lawyer Amal Clooney since 2014, and they have two children together.

Who is George Clooney?


George Timothy Clooney, is an American actor and filmmaker. He has won many important awards for his work, like the British Academy Film Award, four Golden Globe Awards, and two Academy Awards. Clooney's accomplishments include the Cecil B. DeMille Award in 2015, the Honorary César Award in 2017, the AFI Life Achievement Award in 2018, and the Kennedy Center Honors in 2022.

Real NameGeorge Timothy Clooney
AliasGeorge Clooney
Net Worth$500 million
DOB (Age)May 6, 1961 (61)
Weight78 kg
Marital StatusMarried
Partner/SpouseAmal Clooney (m.2014)
ProfessionActor, Director, and Producer

What is George Clooney’s net worth as of 2024?

George Clooney's net worth is estimated to be around $500 million USD. He has earned his wealth through his successful career in the entertainment industry as an actor, producer, director, and writer, as well as through various business ventures and endorsements. Clooney is considered one of the highest-paid actors in Hollywood, with some of his biggest box office hits including the “Ocean's Eleven” franchise, “Gravity,” and “The Perfect Storm.”

In addition to his career in entertainment, Clooney has also invested in real estate and co-founded a tequila brand called Casamigos, which he sold in 2017 for a reported $1 billion USD. Here is George Clooney's net worth growth for each year, since 2019.

YearNet worth
Net Worth in 2023$500 million
Net Worth in 2022$500 million
Net Worth in 2021$500 million
Net Worth in 2020$450 million
Net Worth in 2019$360 million

How did George Clooney make his money?


George Clooney has acquired his wealth primarily through his successful career as an actor and filmmaker. His work in different movies and TV shows has been well-received by critics, which has made him a lot of money. Clooney has also been involved in directing and producing films, extending his reach in the entertainment space.

His financial success has been boosted by endorsements, business ventures, and his tequila brand Casamigos, which he co-founded. His numerous roles in the entertainment industry, paired with his business endeavors, played a crucial role in increasing his substantial wealth.

George Clooney's Sources of Income

Acting Career

George Clooney has earned a substantial amount of money from acting throughout his career. According to Forbes, he was the highest-paid actor in the world in 2018, earning an estimated $239 million from various film and television projects.

Some of his biggest paydays include:

  • “Ocean's Eleven” trilogy: $20 million per film

  • “Batman & Robin”: $10 million

  • “Gravity”: $20 million plus a percentage of the box office gross

  • “Up in the Air”: $12 million

  • “The Descendants”: $12 million

Overall, it's estimated that Clooney has earned more than $300 million from acting over the course of his career.

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Brand Endorsements

George Clooney has earned a significant amount of money from brand endorsements over the years. His most notable endorsement deal was with Nespresso, a coffee company which he has been promoting since 2006. According to reports, he earned over $40 million for his work with Nespresso.

Clooney has also endorsed other brands such as Omega watches, Martini vermouth, Fiat automobiles, and more. He reportedly earned $3 million for his work with Omega watches and $1 million for his endorsement deal with Martini Vermouth. Overall, it's estimated that Clooney has earned over $200 million from brand endorsements throughout his career.

Tequila Brand

George Clooney co-founded the tequila brand Casamigos in 2013 along with two of his friends, Rande Gerber and Mike Meldman. In 2017, the trio sold the brand to the spirits company Diageo for $700 million, with the potential for an additional $300 million based on the brand's performance.

According to reports, Clooney, and his partners originally invested around $600,000 in the brand, so the sale represented a significant return on their investment. It's unclear exactly how much Clooney personally earned from the sale of Casamigos, as the terms of the deal were not made public. However, it's safe to say that the sale contributed substantially to his net worth, which is estimated to be around $500 million.

Since the sale, Clooney has continued to serve as a spokesperson for Casamigos and has been involved in promoting the brand through various marketing campaigns. It's unclear how much he earns for his work with the brand beyond the initial sale, as these details are often kept confidential.



Clooney has quite a car collection, like the 1992 Porsche Carrera 2 Speedster, 2012 Lexus LS, Tesla Roadster Signature 100, and Tango T600. All these cars must have cost him around $3 - $5 million.

Real Estate

George Clooney is known for his impressive real estate portfolio, which includes several luxurious properties around the world. Here are some of his notable properties:

Villa Oleandra: This is Clooney's main residence, located in the town of Laglio, Italy, on the shores of Lake Como. The villa features 25 rooms, an outdoor pool, and a dock for his boats.

Casamigos compound: Clooney co-founded the tequila brand Casamigos and owned a compound in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, which he sold in 2018 for $100 million.

Los Angeles properties: Clooney has owned many properties in Los Angeles, including a mansion in the exclusive neighborhood of Beverly Hills, which he sold in 2019 for $35 million.

New York City apartment: Clooney and his wife, Amal Clooney, own a luxurious apartment in the 116-year-old One Hundred East Fifty-Third Street building in Midtown Manhattan.

Overall, it's estimated that George Clooney's real estate holdings are worth over $100 million. His properties reflect his taste for luxury and his love of travel, as well as his financial success as an actor and entrepreneur.


Q. How old is George Clooney?

A. George Clooney is 61 years old.

Q. What was George Clooney’s latest film?

A. George Clooney’s latest film was A Ticket to Paradise, also starring Julia Roberts.

Q. How many children George Clooney has?

A. George Clooney has two children. Their names are Alexander Clooney and Ella Clooney.

Q. Who is George Clooney married to?

A. George Clooney is married to Amal Clooney. She is a Lebanese and British barrister.

Q. How tall is George Clooney?

A. George Clooney is 5 feet 11 inches tall.