Escape 2021: GeorgeNotFound and Dream attend first-ever BTS Minecraft-ed 'Butter' concert and fans can't get enough

BTS perform in Minecraft for YouTube Escape 2021 (Image via YouTube/BANGTAN TV)
BTS perform in Minecraft for YouTube Escape 2021 (Image via YouTube/BANGTAN TV)

K-pop group BTS recently performed Butter and Permission to Dance at YouTube Escape 2021 with a special twist.

The seven-member band turned into Minecraft versions of themselves for an in-game mini-concert that was "attended" by several popular Minecraft content creators including George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson and Clay "Dream."

BTS performs 'Butter' and 'Permission to Dance' in Minecraft

On 16 December 2021, BTS (Beyond the Scene) officially performed its first "one-of-a-kind" Minecraft concert for YouTube Escape 2021.

The YouTube event was laid out to be a recap of this year's events, featuring several influencers, content creators, musicians and other celebrities who were a big part of the platform in 2021.

The interactive livestream ran for 24 hours and featured a special performance by Big Hit Music's K-pop group BTS, who performed their hit singles Butter and Permission to Dance as part of the finale.

The video was created by Noxcrew, a group of Minecraft creators that are involved in several huge projects for the game, including MC Championship and several popular maps like Grid Runners Pro, Terra Swoop Force, and the Millionaire Mansions series.

Noxcrew threw in several Easter eggs, putting in the character skins of popular Minecraft content creators such as George "GeorgeNotFound" Davidson and Clay "Dream," among many other creators in the same community.

The performance was received positively by fans, and some chose to go the comedic route by reacting with hilarious light-hearted memes:

The K-pop group has been occupied with a jam-packed schedule this month, performing at various different venues as part of their Permission to Dance On Stage - Live Play tour and other events.

They are currently on an extended break, posting on their new personal Instagram accounts and updating fans about the various things they're doing while taking a much-needed rest.

RM recently visited a museum. An employee recounted their experience of meeting the K-pop idol, stating that he was "extremely polite" among other things.

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