Top 5 BTS intro performances as of 2021

BTS' Top 5 intro performances, as of 2021 (Image via Big Hit Music)
BTS' Top 5 intro performances, as of 2021 (Image via Big Hit Music)
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BTS is constantly out-doing themselves in every aspect that's attuned to their performance. Whatever percentage of energy, fire, and dedication they put into their albums and other music releases, they put as much, if not more, into making sure their live performances are even better.

The 7-member K-pop boy band strives to create the most engaging, fiery atmosphere with every live performance they hold, always putting out something new for the audience to witness.

With every awards season comes a new wave of mixes and dance segments that BTS sprinkles into their performances to add a bit of spice.

Which is the best BTS intro performance as of 2021?

1) (2018) Melon Music Awards - 'IDOL'

This is one performance that absolutely has to be included in every BTS live performance tier list, whether it's restricted to intros or not. This special IDOL mix was performed by BTS members J-Hope, Jimin, and Jungkook, right before their track "Idol" was performed by all of them, along with an ensemble of backup dancers.

They brought Korean culture to the main stage, proudly representing all things traditional that make up South Korea's heritage while combining it with modern dance, visuals, and technology. This performance does it all, and words do not do justice to how spectacular it is.

2) (2015) Gayo Daejejeon - Intro performance trailer

Veteran ARMY (BTS fans) and newer ones with a knack for digging might remember this iconic intro performance. It was originally performed at the 2015 Gayo Daejejoon. However, the camera work was so abysmal, it wasn't able to capture the essence of the performance (or the performance itself).

In response to this, BTS' label Big Hit Music (then Big Hit Entertainment) recorded the entire performance in a controlled setting. It featured two different camera angles, with the caption "Very Good Camera" and "Good Camera," throwing shade at the bad camera work.

3) (2016) MAMA - Boy Meets Evil Pt. 1 + Pt. 2

J-Hope and Jimin of BTS performed this crazy duo intro dance performance. Each of them performed a mix of their solo tracks from their album "Wings" and then performed J-Hope's intro track "Boy Meets Evil" together. The whole time, Jimin was blindfolded. This beautiful medley can't be forgotten easily.

4) (2020) Melon Music Awards - 'Black Swan'

Putting into words how visually stunning and intricate this performance is, is near impossible. For the 2020 MMAs, BTS members Jimin and Jungkook teamed up for an artistic rendition of their song "Black Swan," from their album "Map of the Soul: 7." Right after this pre-recorded video, the band performed "On," "Life Goes On," and "Dynamite."

5) (2019) Melon Music Awards - 'Intro: Persona'

While this isn't a BTS performance so much as an RM (or Kim Namjoon) performance, it is definitely one to note for the books. RM was slated to perform his solo track "Intro: Persona" from the BTS album "Map of the Soul: Persona" and join the rest of his members immediately after to perform a medley of "Boy in Luv," followed by "Boy With Luv."

While the MMAs displayed a pre-recorded version of the performance for those watching the show on TV to enjoy, the BTS leader gave his heart and soul on stage.

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