"Get well soon": Fans offer support as WINNER's Lee Seung-hoon tests positive for COVID-19

WINNER's Lee Seung-hoon (Image via Instagram/@winnercity)
WINNER's Lee Seung-hoon (Image via Instagram/@winnercity)
Nikhita Unnikrishnan Menon

K-pop sensation and member of iconic boy-band WINNER's Lee Seung-hoon tested positive for COVID-19. His agency YG Entertainment released an official statement on the matter, which said:

"WINNER's Lee Seung-hoon was diagnosed with COVID-19 on January 24, 2022. All of the other fellow members (Kang Seung-yoon, Kim Jin-woo, Song Min-ho) have tested negative for COVID-19.
"Lee Seung-hoon was first confirmed positive through the COVID-19 self-diagnosis kit test conducted preemptively ahead of his personal filming schedule for January 23, 2022."
"After that, all WINNER members immediately stopped their scheduled schedules and conducted PCR tests, and only Lee Seung-hoon was finally confirmed."

YG entertainment added further to their statement:

"Seunghoon Lee has completed the vaccination and is in good health even now, as there were no suspicious symptoms before the confirmation. We will spare no effort to support Lee Seung-hoon's speedy recovery as well as the health and safety of our artists."

The statement also mentioned:

"In addition, we will faithfully cooperate with the epidemiological investigation by the quarantine authorities and take all necessary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. If there are any changes in the future, we will notify you as soon as possible."

The agency assured fans that none of the other WINNER members have tested positive.

Netizens wish WINNER's Lee Seung-hoon to get well soon.

Shocked by the news, fans and netizens expressed their concern via social media. They wished for their Hoony's speedy recovery and hoped the other band members remained safe and healthy as well.

eat well, sleep well, rest wellyou will be fine and don’t worry about us we will wait take care @official_hoony_ 💙
Speedy recovery @official_hoony_ 💖Rest well, stay hydrated and take your vitamins 💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 we’ll wait for you patiently 💙

One netizen expressed that nothing comes above health, and all the band members should rest up.

rest well our boys, your health is the most important above anything else. see you again soon! @official_hoony_ @official_yoon_ @official_mino_ @official_jinu_

Netizens and fans were touched by the superstar's concern for his fans when they heard this news.

PLS...I LOVE HOW HOONY STARTED HIS MESSAGE WITH "omg..." 😭😭😭😭He knows we are so worried and wanna make his message a bit light.Pls hope u recover soon @official_hoony_ ..we love u #이승훈
Inseo: worried because he tested postive@official_hoony_ : omg 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Omoooo 😭 Why he even put “positive!!☺️” like thatAnw pls be well @official_hoony_ 😭💙

More about WINNER's Lee Seung-hoon

Lee Seung-hoon, affectionately known as Hoony by fans, had been part of the South Korean entertainment industry since 2011. He debuted and paved his way in the K-pop industry in 2013 as part of a four-member band called WINNER.

He has appeared in numerous variety shows. In 2020, Lee Seung-hoon enlisted in the military, and was recently discharged before testing positive for COVID-19. Fans will no doubt be hoping for his speedy recovery and to see him back in action soon.

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