Girls Planet 999 voting controversy explained: Huening Bahiyyih's overseas fandom posts thread of SIM cards, confusing netizens, who wonder if voting is being rigged

A still of Huening Bahiyyih from Girls Planet 999 (Image via Mnet)
A still of Huening Bahiyyih from Girls Planet 999 (Image via Mnet)
Paige Greene

Girls Planet 999 might get involved in a voting controversy after the overseas fandom of one of the show's participants raised funds to buy cheap SIM cards in bulk. These SIM cards would then seemingly be used to cast their vote for their favorite contestant. In this case, it was participant Huening Bahiyyih.

A post created by a fan of the Mnet show explained:

"Huening Bahiyyih's overseas fandom is collecting funds to buy thousands of cheap SIMs to give her more votes. The rules state that one person can give in one vote, but these overseas fans are buying so many. It's been two weeks since the voting began, so if one person has 1000 SIM cards, that equals 14000 votes. They're even encouraging other fans to buy these SIM cards to vote."

Overseas fandom accused of buying SIM cards in bulk for Girls Planet 999 voting gives statement

The fan who posted the thread about the SIM cards in the first place, the one belonging to overseas fandom, clarified that the thread that she had shared was about another survival program called I-LAND.

Fans shared screenshots of the original tweet, which were no longer available, pointing out that they had clearly mentioned that the picture didn't belong to them.

The pictures also had a watermark that clearly indicated that this was unrelated to Girls Planet 999 but to the I-LAND era. Following this clarification, there was an outpouring of support for Huening Bahiyyih.

However, this did not stop audiences from wondering what the point of survival shows is if fans could influence the outcome to this extent.

The fan then expressed that haters of Huening Bahiyyih in Girls Planet 999 will find any reason possible to hate her. On Twitter, the fandom also said that they wanted to clarify their stance regarding SIM cards because of all the hate that their account received after Pann Nate published an article.

Audience divided over Girls Planet 999 participant Huening Bahiyyih fandom voting controversy

A few fans reacted to news of fandom causing voting conspiracy and pointed out that the SIM cards were from when I-LAND had aired.

However, many viewers took this opportunity to point out that K-Pop had become all about numbers and less about music. Some even mentioned that Bahiyyih didn't have enough stage presence to debut through Girls Planet 999.

Many fans, however, questioned why this became an issue suddenly, considering all the other shows where such voting by fan base was allowed.

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