GOT The Beat's heavy use of Live AR sends fans into a fury 

A still of the septet (Image via Instagram/@girlsontop_sm)
A still of the septet (Image via Instagram/@girlsontop_sm)

GOT The Beat recently performed their latest track Step Back on M! Countdown's broadcast show on January 27, 2022. The group released their addictive hip-hop and R&B song on January 3, 2022. The bass-heavy song proved its success by ranking high on various music charts.

In light of M! Countdowns recently broadcast show, K-pop fans have expressed their disappointment towards the group's heavy use of live AR.

GOT The Beat is a South Korean supergroup formed and managed by SM Entertainment in 2022. It is the first sub-unit of the project group Girls On Top. The sub-unit comprises seven members: BoA, Taeyeon and Hyoyeon from Girls' Generation, Seulgi and Wendy from Red Velvet, and Karina and Winter from aespa.

GOT The Beat sets up a special stage performance on M! Countdown

On January 27, 2022, SM Entertainment’s new project girl group GOT The Beat, presented a special stage performance of their debut single Step Back for the first time on "M! Countdown’s" music show. This was the group’s first audience interaction through a broadcasting station’s music program.

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The girls showcased their powerful choreography as they danced to the beats of their equally powerful song. The members wore black leather outfits with accessories like chains attached to their clothing. Additionally, the septet's make-up team gave them a glam makeover for their on-stage performance.

While some fans were excited to see their favorite idols, and appreciated them for their energetic performance, others disagreed and stated that the group incorporated the heavy use of live AR during their performance, and were dependent on it.

As many K-pop fans already know, ‘Live AR’s’ (also called All-Recorded) are pre-recorded versions of the artist re-singing their song in addition to the original record, and are often used in lieu of live performances. However, unlike AR, it’s recorded as if the singers are singing it live by including things such as breathing sounds.

@pannchoa their mics are just for decoration🤣🤣🤣
@aespasbbl For SM fans, it's okay for SM idols to lip-sync, but other idols who sing live and make a mistake are "going to work" right away.
@pannchoa So it’s okay for them to lipsync, but when it comes to other groups it’s not okay. Make it make sense. If you’re fine with them lipsyncing then don’t come for other groups when they do it too
@btsfanmomma @pannchoa These are all major performers from 2nd and 3rd Kpop wave. They’ve always live performed in their original groups or solo acts. SM management must have made the weird decision for them lip sync. Disappointed. This is probably the greatest amount of girl group talent ever gathered
@pannchoa Live performances should be live. Period. If you can't perform and sing then tone down your dance. Someone actually said their "serving looks"... and they can't do that and sing? Come on. There are obvious differences in performers and "studio" singers.
@pannchoa Imagine not letting talented people be talented:/
@prodbyjk97 @pannchoa Oh yeah they r one heckka good vocalists. But u know Kpop is all abt visual performance these days rather than actual music.
@pannchoa Scared of singing live huh😏 oh sm is so obsessed of "lipsync is a genre"
@pannchoa These SM Artist always lipsync

Furthermore, fans blamed the agency for allowing the septet to lip-sync instead of singing live. They stated that SM Entertainment didn't allow the talented group to prove themselves.

Meanwhile, K-pop fans also supported the group and expressed their love and appreciation. They also stated that the members have good vocals to sing live but use lip-sync when their choreography is strenuous.

@pannchoa They all are good singers who can sing live but lip syncing in a performance is like cheating the viewers and the ones saying "they are lip syncing because it's a difficult choreo" I hope y'all know some kpop groups tone down their dances live so they can have stable vocals.
@guccigodvantae @pannchoa that's the main issue. this is their first stage. First stage is usually done to emphasize the choreo and look. that's why they are prerecorded the song.
@pannchoa it’s very understandable if they lipsynced. the key for this song is HIGH high and the choreography is very extensive. there’s no way you can perfect one aspect without sacrificing the other. and for this performance, they sacrificed live singing for the choreo. simple as that.
@ddeungwannie_ @pannchoa all of these members have previously proved they can sing flawlessly and do choreo live. why should it be different now?

GOT The Beat's latest hit track: Step Back

SM Entertainment’s supergirl group’s hitmaker Step Back was released on January 3, 2022. The song is a celebration of their talent and strength. The R&B hip-hop single has a bombastic sound with a strong bass line. In the music video, the septets stomp their feet to the beat, with the camera lens perfectly capturing their every move.


The members of the girl group are well-known for their unique voices and talents. Their synergy in the music video ticked all the boxes that are expected from the K-pop genre.

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