aespa's "Next Level" named Spotify's best K-Pop Song of 2021

K-Pop girl band Aespa. (Image via Instagram/@aespa_official)
K-Pop girl band Aespa. (Image via Instagram/@aespa_official)

Swedish audio streaming platform Spotify has released its list of the best K-Pop songs of 2021 and aespa's viral track Next Level topped the charts at number one. The song was released in May 2021 and surpassed ITZY's - In The Morning, TWICE's - Alcohol-Free, BTS' - Butter, Rose's - On The Ground and many more.

Did your favorite K-Pop song make the list?

What is aespa's Next Level based on?

The song Next Level is a remix of Aussie singer Aston's 2019 song of the same name, which was also featured in the movie Fast & Furious Present: Hobbs & Shaw. The soundtrack has over 3.1 million likes and 100 million views on YouTube at the time of writing. The group also has a following of 6.7 million people on Instagram and 1.9 million on Twitter.

A look at aespa's meteoric rise


aespa is a South Korean all-girl group formed by SM Entertainment. This K-Pop group consists of four members: Karina, Giselle, Winter, and Ningning. Their first debut was on November 17, 2020 with their hit single Black.

The soundtrack is based on the continuation of the group's story from the debut single Black Mamba, reiterating their story into the fictional universe of Kwangya to search for an evil that lingers.

The members set forth into the wilderness to find the Black Mamba, that is wreaking havoc and interfering with the Synk which is the connection between themselves and the 'ae'.

“Next Level” has reached 90,000,000 (90M) streams on Spotify!!💥#aespa #에스파 @aespa_official
🇰🇷 Trending on YouTube South Korea #9 Next Level MV #12 Next Level sharp synchronization, explosive charms of aespa... [Kang Hanna’s Volume Up]#15 aespa 'Next Level' MV Reaction#16 Next Level Audio#26 aespa ‘NEXT LEVEL' MV REACTION by ARTBEAT@aespa_official
@Spotify You know how impactful Next Level is when even the staff who is filming the girls are also dancing behind the camera along with prestigious celebrities and stars…

Their concept emerges from the bridge that links virtuality and reality. The music videos have actual members along with their virtual counterparts supporting and assisting one another though being in two separate realities.

The group also entered into the Top 5 of the Gaon Yearly Chart. It is the only idol group song released this year to enter the chart.

"Next Level" by @aespa_official has now entered the Top 5 of Gaon Yearly Chart. It is the only idol group song released this year to enter the top 5.

SM Entertainment x YouTube #RemasterMV

Earlier this month, it was revealed that SM Entertainment x YouTube had announced their remastering project. The K-pop girl group released a remake of S.E.S.'s Dream Come true under this project.

This remix of the 1998 hit, with its enrapturing music video, aims to revive the history of the K-Pop genre for all enthusiasts. A revival of the genre is indeed something all K-Pop fans look forward to as they get a chance to explore and enjoy the past.

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