Grammys 2022 roundup: Best R&B performances

The Best R&B Performance category is a hotly-contested one (Image via Instagram: jazminesullivan, silksonic, hermusic)
The Best R&B Performance category is a hotly-contested one (Image via Instagram: jazminesullivan, silksonic, hermusic)

As part of the SKPop Grammys roundup of 2022, here's a look at the category of Best R&B Performance.

Rhythm and Blues is an enduring genre of popular music. This vocal-driven, rhythm-backed style has merged with dominant genres across recorded music history and still holds its own.

The first-ever Grammy in this category was awarded to Tequila by The Champs, a song that remains fresh in pop culture.

Glance at nominees for this year's Grammy Awards for Best R&B Performance

Snoh Aalegra โ€“ "Lost You"


The Iranian/Swedish vocalist has worked with everyone from John Mayer to Vince Staples since receiving acclaim for her 2017 record FEELS. She was even mentored by the legendary Prince before his passing.

Her sultry voice harkens to R&B legends of yore, and Lost You is earnest and heartfelt enough to prompt a solitary midnight singalong.

Justin Bieber featuring Daniel Caesar & Giveon โ€“ "Peaches"


Justin Bieber stacked his latest record, Justice (2021), with tracks and guest features. The overall album feels meandering, but Peaches is a surefire highlight.

While Bieber was miffed about his album being considered 'pop' instead of R&B, his chorus is as pop as pop gets. Feature players Daniel Ceaser and Giveon, who have created quite some ripples via their solo projects, deliver the sensual bluesy energy to this track.

H.E.R. โ€“ "Damage"


H.E.R. won hearts (and Grammys) with her 2017 self-titled compilation album H.E.R., which itself is an acronym for "Having Everything Revealed".

The confessional, bare tone of her lyrics continues with Damage, the second single off her debut studio album Back Of My Mind (2021). Her honey-butter vocals sound as entrancing as ever, only accentuated by the lush, retro production. It would be a no-brainer for the crown if it weren't for the next nominee.

Silk Sonic โ€“ "Leave the Door Open"


The supergroup Silk Sonic takes the best aspects out of Bruno Mars and Anderson .Paak's styles and manages to craft more than the sum of its parts. The duo doesn't sound like their individual selves, they sound like Silk Sonic.

These two groovy hooligans began their global domination with Leave The Door Open, an addictive onslaught of harmonies and undeniable percussion rhythm. This song is the one to beat for the Grammy.

Jazmine Sullivan โ€“ "Pick Up Your Feelings"


Jazmine Sullivan is a bold, vivacious storyteller. In her latest record Heaux Tales (2021), she chooses the negative stereotypes associated with the titular word and attempts to explore the humanity behind it, sans judgment.

In Pick Up Your Feelings, she unleashes a searing tell-off to an unfaithful partner and goes on vocal runs, which would give a comatose patient goosebumps.

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