'Grey's Anatomy' fall finale: Putting the 'heart' in the right place

'Grey's Anatomy' season 18 episode 8 (Image via greysabc/Instagram)
'Grey's Anatomy' season 18 episode 8 (Image via greysabc/Instagram)

Grey's Anatomy just aired its final episode for 2021 with 'It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.' It was both a Christmas special and an intense episode of edge-of-the-seat drama. This was one of the densest episodes in this long-running series.

Owen (Kevin McKidd) faced the biggest challenges in this episode as he hurried to get a matching heart for his nephew Farouk.

'Grey's Anatomy' recap: What does the finale hold?

Grey's Anatomy begins with Dr. David Hamilton visiting Seattle for the super-secret project that stretched from the previous episode. He and Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) had to test the final step somewhere far away so as to not attract any attention.

Link (Chris Carmack) has realizations regarding his feelings for Amelia (Caterina Scorsone). Link realizes he doesn't need to get married right away as long as he still has her, but Amelia has moved on.

Meredith Grey runs into Hayes when in Seattle. Hayes (Richard Flood) and Meredith have had a complex relationship before. They speak about different things. A heart was found that matched Farouk's, and Owen wanted to collect the heart personally for his nephew.

As Owen, Cromac Hayes, and Teddy (Kim Raver) talk on their way back to the hospital, their car has a slip-up and crashes in a way that could have possibly killed them. All of them survive but get stuck in the car. To add to that, no one was expecting them back for hours, so it would not be easy for anyone to notice until it was too late.

Farouk is prepared for the surgery, only awaiting the new heart, while simultaneously Hamilton was being prepared for a life-changing surgery that had the potential to shape the medical world. However, the surgery had to be delayed due to Hamilton's underlying condition, much to his displeasure. Hamilton wanted to push ahead without the surgery he needed first.

The final minutes of the show get very intense as a failing Hamilton requires an emergency surgery, and Meredith Grey performs it.

Meanwhile, in a jaw-dropping event, Teddy manages to break out of the car and goes to the road for help. Owen asks Teddy to take the heart to Farouk. The car is still at a barely hanging position near the cliff. As Owen urges Cormac Hayes to go out of the car and, in time, fulfill Owen's promise to the soldiers in pain, the car tips over the edge, taking Teddy with it.

'Grey's Anatomy' return date

Grey's Anatomy has entered a long break following the finale. A lot of things have happened that have left the audience wondering about the future. They have to hold on for quite some time to find out. The next episode of Grey's Anatomy is set to be back in February 2022.

Until then, stay tuned for further updates.

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