"Half of VIXX is back" Fans react as Leo, Ken, and Hyuk announce release of digital single in January

VIXX Leo, Ken, and Hyuk (Image via Twitter/@RealVIXX)
VIXX Leo, Ken, and Hyuk (Image via Twitter/@RealVIXX)

K-pop boy band VIXX 's members Leo, Ken, and Hyuk surprised fans by releasing the first teaser image for their new digital single Gonna Be Alright on December 28, 2022.

The cute black and white photo shows Leo and Ken in an air kissing pose, embracing their maknae (youngest member of the group) Hyuk from either side. The words "Coming Soon" and the song's release date are written below.

Gonna Be Alright will be released on January 3, 2023, four years after the group's last release, Walking (also with three members) in 2019. Announcing the comeback, their agency Jellyfish Entertainment stated:

"VIXX, who has strengthened their skills through various activities, will show a deeper tone and upgraded charm through this single"

Originally a six-member group, VIXX currently comprises N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, and Hyuk. Former member Hongbin left the group citing personal reasons in 2020.

The group has been on hiatus for a long time due to members enlisting in the military, hence the announcement of their comeback has sent Starlight (their official fandom) into a frenzy.

"Finally" fans celebrate VIXX comeback after four years

Although it is not a full group comeback, fans who have waited years for new music from the group were thrilled when the teaser image was released. With only a week left until its release, Starlight erupted in excitement on Twitter.

They gushed about finally getting to see the members on stage and celebrating their return. Since the group is popularly known for focusing on concepts, fans started guessing about the concept, drawing hints from the teaser image.

One Starlight tweeted that many new fans will be witnessing the group's comeback for the first time, making it even more special for them. Another fan played the title of the new song and said that with the sudden news of the comeback, she's not "gonna be alright."

VIXX's Leo, Ken, and Hyuk to hold a concert next year

Earlier this month, Jellyfish Entertainment announced that VIXX's three members Leo, Ken, and Hyuk will be hosting their first concert in four years. The concert, ING- As Always, is scheduled to take place at KBS Arena Hall in Korea on January 6 and 7, 2023.

The agency stated:

"VIXX plans to provide fun and excitement with a splendid setlist and stage composition to present precious time to the fans who have been waiting for so long."

Of the trio, Leo was the latest member to release his solo album Piano Man Op. 9 in August. He also made his acting debut in the web drama Happy Ending Outside the Fence. Ken has been active in musicals, appearing in Excalibur, Dracula, Jack the Ripper, and more.

Maknae Hyuk has released a new song Stay for Me featuring Seo In-guk. Meanwhile, group member Ravi is currently serving in the military as a public service worker and is expected to be discharged sometime in 2024.

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