Five K-pop groups with thrilling concepts and storylines

Dreamcatcher and TXT are some of the K-pop groups to have dark storylines. (Images via @hf_dreamcatcher @TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter)
Dreamcatcher and TXT are some of the K-pop groups to have dark storylines. (Images via @hf_dreamcatcher @TXT_bighit_jp/Twitter)

K-pop groups have managed to create a cult-like following when it comes to captivating their audiences with well woven storylines that run through their albums. It is all this that leaves the fans wanting more.

This extra effort has definitely gained global attention from fans who speculate in every nook and corner of their MVs to find clues and then theorize them. The move has revolutionized the concept of K-pop as it transcends traditional music and dance videos by connecting all the songs and albums. They almost form entire universes just to entice their fans.

This has led to a variety and greater experimentation. It was uncommon at one time, for girl groups to perform anything but bubblegum-pop and cutesy music videos as they charmed the audience with their feminine and adorable dance moves.

Men in K-pop were the ones to go for darker themes and more mature performances. In fact, the pre-decided themes of boys and girl-groups hardly ever interacted.

Today, girl-groups are taking up more difficult, masculine choreographies as a challenge as they rule darker tropes. Meanwhile boy groups don't shy away from experimenting either.

K-pop groups that are sure to thrill you with their unique storylines

1. Dreamcatcher

K-pop group Dreamcatcher was introduced on the Wiccan concept of witchcraft and folklore.

The Nightmare series, running through four K-pop mini-albums and two K-pop singles, starts with the music video, Fly High. In the video, the girls are perhaps on a vacation in a mansion or a school and are studying together when one of them, Jiu finds a spider in the forest and brings it inside.

The spider, a malevolent spirit, unleashes chaos by trapping the girls one by one in the world of Nightmares. The girls are all trapped in two worlds. However, they wreak havoc in the Mirror world and battle their nightmares in the real world as they fight and align themselves to break free from their curses.

The Dystopian Era runs through 4 K-pop albums. It shows the Tree of Language that is supposedly dying due to hate speech and malicious comments being spread around. Meanwhile, members of the K-pop group try to fight this and save the Tree.

It spans three music videos, Scream, Boca and Odd Eye and symbolises the real world in the form of a lore where people suddenly forget to say good things and spread hate. This is possibly a hint at the social media bullying that people now indulge in, making it more of a curse than a boon.

Music videos by this K-pop group involve occults, witchcraft, lucid dreaming and more.

2. TXT

The K-pop group's introductory videos, which were released even before their debut, set the plot for their storyline. All of the boys are in a Neverland-like place that exists between dream and reality.

With Crown, they're shown to be struggling with their oddities (features that make them different from the crowd and perhaps lead to their isolation). This common feeling of isolation unites the boys as they find solace in each other.

The proceeding music videos show members of the K-pop group continuing to deal with their inner insecurities. These insecurities are suffocating them but if they are accepted, they threaten to ruin the group's friendships.

The monsters on the loose that represent their respective inner demons, are symbolized by a cat that keeps reappearing time and again in the videos.

Through various music videos, the K-pop group TXT weave a lore that easily captivates and help us relate to them.


K-pop group LOONA also has a dark, edgy and thrilling concept that they’ve been building since their debut in 2016. The LOONAVERSE is divided into three worlds: Earth, Middle Earth and Eden.

The K-pop group members too, are divided into 3 sub-units and each of the twelve members are introduced as a separate zodiac. These sub-units are LOONA ⅓, Odd Eye Circle and YYXY.

The members of LOONA ⅓ live on Earth and the songs they make are about simple and pure love. It is the most realistic portrayal of love that deals with crushes, heartbreak, etc.

Members of the Odd Eye Circle who reside on Middle Earth, have certain superpowers and the laws of Middle Earth are different from those of the Earth. Their concept is slightly darker and they believe that love should be taken control of instead of being passive.

Members of the sub unit YYXY of the K-pop group live on Eden that is beyond Middle Earth, and has exactly the opposite set of rules compared to those of Earth. Each of the members has a fruit that represents temptation and they are willing to forego Eden to go on a path of self-discovery or self-love.


ATEEZ debuted with a unique and catchy concept of pirates, that was rarely seen before in the K-pop industry.

Their entire lore is based upon the multi-dimensional search for treasure, i.e., the Meaning of Life. Each member is looking for the thing they treasure the most. They take fans through an exciting journey of their experiences with the other world, bearing their inner struggles, and more.

The songs by this K-pop group are a mix of dark, pop songs that shed light on the difficult journey of the characters. Meanwhile, their other songs provide a ray of sunshine in the darkness.

Songs like Sunrise, Utopia, Celebrate and Stay reflect the lessons they learn on the way. Meanwhile, Little Boy is about a boy who is afraid of taking steps and finding his way, and the members tell him that it's okay to step out and get hurt - as long as he perseveres.

5. VIXX -

K-pop group VIXX are known as concept-dols for a reason. They are the best when it comes to weaving compelling lore and concepts in their MVs and have stayed on top of the game since 2012.

It was in 2016 however, that the K-pop group came up with the Trilogy: Conception Ker that really went deep into plotting a storyline inspired by Greek mythologies.

The Conception series has three K-pop albums, Zelos, Hades and Kratos and is about two men vying for the same woman. The men get entangled in schemes and games of the other members with supernatural powers, designed after Greek Gods like Hades, Zeus and Hermes, etc.

VIXX’s albums cover the theme of jealousy they experience when chasing the same woman named after the Greek God Zelos and the price they pay for her love. This includes a trip they make to Hell/the Underworld to get her as shown in Hades.

Meanwhile, the finale shows Kratos, which is themed after the God of War and is underlined with seduction, power and authority.

Thrilling concepts like these are often associated with dark storylines that experiment with witchcraft, folklore, fantasy and mythology.

Other concepts in albums by K-pop groups often include girl-crush concepts, soft concepts, and high school concepts, among others.

K-pop, or Korean Pop, music broke out globally with PSY's Gangnam Style video. However, its popularity continues to grow as such K-pop groups and agencies constantly woo audiences with such interesting conceptions

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