5 most viewed ATEEZ music videos: Wonderland, Answer, and more

ATEEZ for Zero: Fever Part.3 (Image via KQ Entertainment)
ATEEZ for Zero: Fever Part.3 (Image via KQ Entertainment)

ATEEZ music videos are a complete work of art, spanning darker aesthetics, sand, surf, moon, and deserts. With their growing popularity and fame, KQ Entertainment's ATEEZ is receiving a lot of love from fans all across the globe.

The eight-member boy group is known for its powerful performances, unique concepts, and remarkable vocalists and rappers. While the group could be dubbed an all-rounder, ATEEZ definitely knows how to slay every music video they star in.

The K-pop boy band debuted in 2018 with their first EP, Treasure EP 1: All To Zero, and went on to earn the Next Generation Award at the 2019 Golden Disc Awards. Undoubtedly, their music is impactful. However, their top-notch performances and choreographies in music videos is the cherry on top for them.

The group is often referred to as Global Performance Idols by Korean media outlets. They are also on their way to becoming fourth-generation leaders with their evolving music and supernova music videos. Here are the five most viewed ATEEZ music videos so far that illustrate their prowess.

5 most viewed ATEEZ music videos everyone should watch

5) Say My Name - January 2019

Say My Name, hailing from ATEEZ's second EP, Treasure EP.2: Zero to One, stands at the fifth spot in the most viewed ATEEZ music videos list. The energetic first comeback by the group was led by Say My Name, which has garnered over 61 million views so far.

The music video is definitely one of the best on the entire list, with a doppelganger concept and staggering choreography. Slowly evolving into an EDM track, Say My Name also features an intoxicating and addictive chorus, making it the highlight of the song.

Mingi and Hongjoong, who co-wrote the song rap fearlessly, which is another popular section of the track.

4) Wave - June 2019

ATEEZ's bright and positive track, Wave, has over 64 million views and counting on Youtube and helps people bring out their inner Hakuna Matata. Co-written by Hongjoong and Mingi, Wave is a feel-good track that is sonically rich and pleasing to hear.

The boy group changes its MV color palette with Wave by introducing pastels and light tones as they dance in an open field, forgetting their worries. Wave is ATEEZ's fourth most-watched MV, which will captivate viewers with its pure bliss and beautiful sunsets.

3) Inception - July 2020

Another splendid MV on the huge list of ATEEZ music videos is Inception, with over 71 million views and counting. The title is a nod to Christopher Nolan's smash hit film Inception. The song focuses on the surrealistic outcomes of young love and its side effects.

The obsessive side of young love is masterfully shown through the performances of the eight members in the MV. Though the color palette of the MV is on the cooler, it is often contrasted by flames.

2) Answer - January 2020


Claiming the number two spot on the most-watched ATEEZ music video list is Answer, with over 76 million views so far. Acting as the title track of their fourth EP, Treasure Epilogue: Action to Answer, the MV opens with a dance monologue by San.

He is later joined by other members, who sing about their journey since their debut and include famous verses from their previous hits like Pirate King and Say My Name.

Answer is one of the most loved MVs due to its inclusion of ATEEZ elements like sand, desert, and surf (Mingi on a boat).

1) Wonderland - October 2019


Wonderland serves as the title track from ATEEZ's first studio album, Treasure EP.Fin: All to Action. For their first anniversary, the KQ Entertainment boy group returned to their dark aesthetics with Wonderland and dropped a victory anthem incorporating a heavy brass element.

The members are seen wearing black military uniforms and red suits in the MV as they powerfully sing and lead everyone who wants victory to be their final destination. Encompassing colossal drumbeats and marching band percussion, Wonderland offers a remarkable MV to viewers.

These elements have earned it the title of the most-watched ATEEZ music video with 104 million so far.

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