5 times ATEEZ's Yunho proved he's the main dancer of the group

The 8-member group from KQ Entertainment are leading 4th Gen K-pop (Photo via ATEEZ/ Twitter)
The 8-member group from KQ Entertainment are leading 4th Gen K-pop (Photo via ATEEZ/ Twitter)

While all members of ATEEZ are incredible performers, Yunho holds a special place. Yunho manages to disprove the misconception of tall people being awkward dancers. He is the main dancer of the group, he leads dance practices, aces the choreographies quickly, and supports other members when they need him.

Yunho stands out due to the effortless nature of his dancing. For someone who has named powerful performers TVXQ's U-Know Yunho and EXO's Kai his idols, he certainly lives up to their prestige.

Why ATEEZ's Yunho is the dance king

Yunho's unique style stands out in ATEEZ’s powerful performances. Having trained in dance from a young age, his experience shines through in all of his acts. Here are 5 times he showed everyone why he is the Deja Vu hitmakers' main dancer.

1) Predebut dance cover of O.T. Genasis' CoCo


ATEEZ’s Yunho was first revealed through this predebut dance cover, and he immediately established himself as a phenomenal performer. KQ Entertainment released a series of covers to showcase the then-trainees’ talents to the world. Choreographed by Scott Forsyth, the cover shows Yunho's staggering body control in performing complex hip-hop inspired sharp moves.

2) Answer fancam from MCountdown


The Answer fancam, which is currently at 271k views, shows Yunho in his absolute best main dancer position. Working cohesively and in sync with the seven members, his moves are calculated yet expansive. He even tactfully handles the in-ear slip up, adjusting it only when he's not in the spotlight to never let it compromise his performance.

When the focus of the performance shifts from him, Yunho's face relaxes. His calm demeanor could be mistaken for a lack of expression, but that is not how Yunho functions. When needed, he goes head-to-head with other members for a compelling performance.

3) Pirate King and Say My Name performance at KCON Japan


Yunho should start all performances if this is the outcome. His tall physique with mint hair made him stand out, despite being behind Yeosang for the first few seconds of the performance.

In Say My Name, during the chorus, Yunho commands the viewer’s attention. He turns his hand around, bites his lips lightly, and slowly lulls your attention off him. This performance is a perfect example of Yunho's style of dancing - dependable, in the spotlight when needed, otherwise serving as a perfect support to the group.

4) The Real (Heung version) performance at the Grammy Museum


Yunho's swift dance moves in combination with his all-black leather outfit and choker make The Real (Heung version) a satisfying performance to watch. ATEEZ was the first 4th generation K-pop group to be invited to perform at the Grammy Museum.

ATEEZ’s main dancer moves from larger movements in the pre-chorus to sharp hand-movements in the chorus smoothly yet quickly. While he has minimal lines in the song, his "This is what we call style" with a smirk will always be iconic.

Being a dancer doesn’t only mean moving one’s body to the beat, but also letting the music guide them and their expressions. Yunho ticks both these boxes.

5) WONDERLAND fancam from Weekly Idol


In Yunho's WONDERLAND performance, he is in his natural element as the main dancer, but alone. There are no background dancers to supplement, or other members to add to the performance, making viewers focus on him alone.

Yunho's dance is considered main dancer worthy because of his ability to express music through his body without any fallbacks. The ATEEZ member has earned the recognition of being the main dancer due to sheer hard work and dedication, a reason that makes him worthy of all the praise showered on him.

Since its debut in 2018, ATEEZ has established itself as a fourth-generation K-pop group to watch out for. Since their first song, Pirate King, they have established a unique performance style for themselves. With eight talented members, the group has seen rapid international success, despite being from a relatively unknown entertainment company.

ATEEZ recently wrapped up the American leg of their 2022 World Tour. They also announced European tour dates in Madrid, Berlin, London, Amsterdam, and Warsaw, which sold out within ten minutes.

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