BTS and EXO's Kai make it to the Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 25 most stylish musicians

K-pop stars BTS and EXO's Kai (Image via Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial/@kaiexo.official)
K-pop stars BTS and EXO's Kai (Image via Instagram/@bts.bighitofficial/@kaiexo.official)

Two of K-pop’s most renowned artists have made it onto Rolling Stone magazine's list of the 25 most stylish musicians of 2022. BTS and EXO Kai’s unique fashion styles earned them a place in the exciting list.

The world of K-pop is known for its booming songs and hard-hitting choreography. The genre is a class apart and its global success is phenomenal. Apart from the eye-catching visuals and musical creativity, it also showcases impeccable fashion.

BTS and EXO's Kai become the only Korean artists to make the Rolling Stone magazine's list

Rolling Stone's list of the 25 most stylish musicians incorporates artists who define fashion and influence it as much as they're popularizing their respective genres. Though dominated by American musicians, BTS and EXO's Kai are the only Koreans to make this fancy list which is viewed by billions.

The world-famous K-pop group BTS made it to the Top 5 as they ranked number four on the exclusive list. Rolling Stone magazine shared an exciting opinion about them:

"The success of BTS has pushed other acts to up their game when it comes to live performances, but the group has also elevated standard concert attire to more high-fashion fare.A few other artists have moved menswear so far forward - mainly because their definition of menswear includes everything from oversize suits to blinged-out matador jackets and sequined blouses on tour.

Exalting the K-pop group for their ingenuity in music and fashion, the magazine further stated:

BTS have always been as adventurous with their fashion as they are with their music, breaking down gender norms one leather corset at a time. When BTS were announced as ambassadors for Louis Vuitton last spring, the fashion house called them one of the most influential groups in the world."

In 2021, fashion mogul Louis Vuitton appointed BTS as brand ambassadors. Be it from streetwear to occasional tuxedos, they have nailed every outfit.

Meanwhile, EXO’s Kai was ranked at number 24, with Rolling Stone reviewing his chic style. The magazine stated:

"Few K-pop stars are as beloved by designers throughout the world as Kai, the pretty, pouty-faced singer, rapper, and dancer from the groups Exo and SuperM. Kai’s style runs the gamut from preppy to punk, and he deftly mixes fashion influences (and accessories!) as easily as he mixes musical genres, with a sartorial swagger that’s at once cool and coy. The ab-baring crop top he wears in Exo’s Obsession music video cemented his s*x-symbol status, while promo pics for his latest EP, Peaches, saw him sporting everything from laid-back denim to hanbok-inspired garb".

In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Kai expressed the following:

“I go around picking clothes myself. Concept is the most important thing. We have to think about whether we want to play it safe or take up a challenge.”

Since his debut with K-pop boyband EXO, Kai has set himself apart with his charismatic choreography and sense of style. He was noted for his high-fashion airport style, which included blazers, sweaters and well-cut trousers that complimented his svelte figure. Soon enough, he caught the attention of Gucci, who named him as brand ambassador in 2019.

Updates on BTS and EXO

On January 21, 2022, Hybe Merch created a buzz on Twitter as it released Jungkook’s artist-made collection. His first product is a Mikrokosmos mood lamp which is a bluetooth supported device with an in-built speaker. The second design is an ARMYST zip-up hoodie that defines comfort and class.

On January 19, 2022, SM Entertainment confirmed the news that EXO Chen’s wife gave birth to their second child. The identity of the infant has not been revealed. Nevertheless, netizens took to the internet to shower blessings on the couple and wish them the best.

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