ATEEZ announces a July comeback, sends fans on a cross dimensional chase 

A still of the K-pop group (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop group (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

K-Pop group ATEEZ announced their next comeback in a fascinating way through a cryptic video accessible only via a QR code.

The eight-member group's fans have long been harking for a comeback album. While the group has released two Japanese albums, Korean fans were eagerly awaiting another comeback. The idols have now delivered in the best way possible.

ATEEZ released cryptic posters in Madrid and Seoul

The artists are currently in the European leg of their THE FELLOWSHIP: BEGINNING OF THE END world tour, which kicked off in Madrid on April 23 and will take them to multiple cities across the continent through May. They will perform in several cities, including London, Paris, and Berlin.

On April 23, which was day one of the concert in Madrid, several fans noticed mysterious posters put up outside the concert venue. The same posters were also found in the Hongdae neighborhood of Seoul.

The posters feature the HALA HALA version of the members, also known as the HALATEEZ. The HALATEEZ are the members of the group in a different dimension. The poster also contained a QR code.

Fans of the group soon found out that the QR code led to an unlisted video on YouTube teasing a comeback for the group in July 2022. In the video, the group's members ask the world to “wake up."


The message of the video, paired with the cryptic posters and teasers resulted in several fans putting their thinking caps on, each presenting their speculations on social media.

Incidentally, the unique announcement is a reference to the alternate dimensional HALATEEZ universe, where music and art are supposedly banned. Thus, messages and codes can only be transmitted via underground codes. Using the same method in this dimension, the posters tie the whole narrative together in an exciting way for fans, perfectly fitting in with their story.

The group's last comeback was the December album ZERO: FEVER EPILOGUE and its title tracks The Real (Heung Ver.) and Turbulence.

The group also recently announced a second Japanese mini-album titled Beyond: Zero on April 11. It is scheduled to be released on May 25, with Rocky (Boxers Ver) as the title track.

The Japanese album will also include Japanese versions of Deja Vu, Turbulence, Take Me Home, Fireworks (I'm the One), and a brand new song, The King.

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