"Don't mess with my hyung": Fans admire ATEEZ's Wooyoung for protecting Seonghwa from mean comments 

A still of the K-pop idols (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop idols (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

The members of ATEEZ are extremely close to one another, treating their friendship and brotherhood like a close-knit family who look out and support each other every step of the way. Whenever any member is facing any kind of hardship, the others quickly come together and step in to help.

While it is common for the older members of a music group to look out for the younger members, in ATEEZ, taking care of each other goes both ways. Wooyoung recently showed his protective instincts during a chat with fans on the Universe app. He stated that some people often pass rude comments to the eldest member, Seonghwa, which will not be tolerated at any cost. He said,

"Don’t mess with my hyung, I will come after you."

ATEEZ' Wooyoung asks netizens to be respectful in their messages on the Universe app

K-pop idol Wooyoung came to the rescue after noticing that certain netizens were badmouthing the group’s eldest member Seonghwa. Naturally, living together for over a decade creates strong bonds, especially when one is in a musical group and spends a lot of their time with each other, working, touring and making new music.

While talking to the group’s fan following, known as ATINYs, on the Universe app, group member Wooyoung spoke about a serious topic with fans. There have apparently been some mean and hurtful comments sent through the app to group’s eldest member Seonghwa.

Needless to say, anyone would be hurt and sad after hearing cruel and malicious comments, especially on a platform that is usually used for supporting and encouraging K-pop idols.

Wooyoung took to the platform and said,

"Oh and by the way, everyone. I’m going to say this one last time. I know a lot of people aren’t like this and I know it’s probably better for my mental health not to engage, but please be nice in your private messages."

The K-pop idol asked fans and netizens to go easy on them as they, too, are human and have feelings. He stated that more than positive messages, the group ends up seeing hurtful comments.

"We’re only human, so we end up seeing more negative messages than the positive ones."

He continued to clarify that the issue wasn’t regarding himself but of group member Seonghwa. He stated,

"No, this isn’t about me. Someone got nasty with my hyung. Don’t mess with my hyung, I will come after you. No, Seonghwa hyung. Seriously. I’ll bite you like a dog. Woof."

Through the Universe app, Wooyoung warned people to stop mistreating Seonghwa and stated that he’d come after them if they didn't stop.

Fans support ATEEZ' Wooyoung

Upon seeing Wooyoung’s reply on the app, fans took to various social media platforms to support the member’s statement. They stated that Wooyoung has showcased his fierce protection for the members on a number of occasions and has also lessened his activity on the app.

Meanwhile, ATEEZ recently announced some exciting news. The group took to its Twitter account and posted updates for its upcoming second mini-album Beyond: Zero.

The upcoming album is set to drop on May 25 with the song Rocky (Boxers Vers.) as the title track. The album will also include Japanese versions of the songs Deja Vu, Turbulence, Take Me Home, Fireworks (I’m the One), and a brand new song, The King.

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