5 BLACKPINK predictions for 2022

BLACKPINK at Coachella (Image via Getty Images/Rich Fury)
BLACKPINK at Coachella (Image via Getty Images/Rich Fury)

BLACKPINK is a four-member group from YG Entertainment (YGE) who debuted in 2016. Despite having been in the music industry for more than six years, the group does not have many songs to show for it. As a group, they have only released 24 songs in total, not taking into account various versions and re-releases of the same song.

With a career spanning over six years, their music releases haven't been that frequent. A major bone of contention the BLINKs have with YGE is the lack of comebacks for their money-making group.

It can take between two to four years for the group to release an album, however, the album is comprised of a mere five or six new songs and a few remixes of old popular songs.

The members, however, have been very active on their social media, updating fans about their whereabouts. They are constantly being offered various brand deals, and each member is a brand ambassador for multiple brands.All the members also have active solo careers.

Blackpink predictions for the current year

Like it or not, YG did a huge mistake of giving the girls solo music and individual brand deals before stabilizing their music career as a group. Because the sad fact is, even after 6 years of debuting, blackpink still don't have a stable and solid music career as four.

1) May comeback

According to YG鈥檚 investors @BLACKPINK is expected to make their comeback in May with a Mini Album - Keep in mind that this is just a prediction

Business analysts have predicted a BLACKPINK comeback in the month of May. They think it will be a mini album and not a much awaited studio album from the group.

Jennie, on the show Game Caterers, let it slip that the comeback was to happen soon and asked the fans for their support. K-pop idol Jeon So-Mi accidentally revealed what seems to be the new BLACKPINK song on her VLive broadcast.

The definition of soon with BLACKPINK might not be what the dictionary states, however, the fans are eager for new music and will even be happy with a new single.

2) New brand deals

I feel like blackpink has a new ot4 brand deal 馃憖

It is speculated that BLACKPINK will have a new OT4 brand deal. While all the members have solidified their positions in the fashion and commercial film industry with their countless brand deals, BLACKPINK as a group does not have many such opportunities.

The group has had ties to both Samsung and Pepsi, however, they were of limited nature and not a global deal like the members have individually with their respective brands.

Some fans have even speculated about Jisoo getting a new brand deal as she currently only has ties to Dior, while other members have gotten two or more brand deals under their belt.

3) Jennie solo

Jennie solo career will be more and more hit. Jennie solo songs going to come after blackpink comeback and jisoo' s solo. Her career is very bright. Some people are hating her but there are many people who like her#kpop #kpoppredictions #kpoppredictions2022 #kpopprediction

Jennie was the first member to have a solo release, however, it was just a single and not a two-song album like Lisa and Ros茅. Fans speculate a Jennie solo album release this year as the other members have had recent opportunities with collaborations, album releases, and even a K-drama opportunity.

Jennie is the only member who has not had any music or acting ventures in recent years and BLINKs are looking forward to seeing her grow as an artist.

4) Jisoo solo

馃拰 Prediction 馃拰-Jisoo is getting ready for her solo, patience- Blackpink will mark a before and after with their return#blackpinkpredicts #kpoppredictions #jisoosolo

Jisoo is the only member who has not had any solo releases in music. She made her acting debut in the K-drama Snowdrop, however, fans are waiting for new music from her.

BLINKs have complained oftentimes about the lack of lines and screen time for Jisoo in BLACKPINK's songs and music videos. No solo release from her just adds salt to the injury.

However, fans can now rejoice as Jisoo herself has confirmed that a solo release is on the way.

5) Collaborations

馃拰 Prediction 馃拰-Blackpink ft...馃憖:-Doja cat 99%-taylor Swift 100%-ariana grande 90%the cards tell me that blackpink will come with everything in 2022, and that these collaborations are more likely

BLACKPINK has had musical collaborations with Dua Lipa, Lady Gaga, and Selena Gomez. Lisa has collaborated with rapper Ozuna on his song as well. This raises the bar and the hopes of fans for a new collaboration that may be on the horizon.

Many speculate that a new collaboration with an A-list artist from the Western music industry will be part of the group's comeback album.

It is now a game of patience to see which of these predictions come true in 2022. Any musical release will be a breath of fresh air for fans who have been starved by the group. The latest release from the group was their first studio album The Album in 2020, and the Japanese version of the same in 2021.

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