5 memorable moments from ATEEZ's 2022 concert

K-pop boy band ATEEZ (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)
K-pop boy band ATEEZ (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

ATEEZ's 2022 concert was a blast, and fans are here for it. The famous K-pop boy band ATEEZ finally got the chance to be on stage since their concert tour got canceled in 2020 due to the pandemic. ATINYs, the fandom name for the boy band, awaited the concert for two long years and had the time of their lives. The seats at venues in the US and Europe were sold-out within hours, while the Seoul concert tickets were sold-out in the fan club pre-sale itself.

The tour, known as ‘The Fellowship: The Beginning of the End,’ was the second in the boy band’s world tour series and began at Olympic Hall in Seoul from January 7–9, 2022. The tour was scheduled for twelve stops, the first being the three-day Seoul concert.

Memorable moments from ATEEZ's 2022 concert that fans love

ATEEZ's 2022 concert opened with Wonderland (Symphony No. 9) and then immersed the crowd in a mesmerizing aura thereon. The fans were enthralled to witness live performances of Pirate King and Say My Name.

A still from the concert (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)
A still from the concert (Image via @ATEEZofficial/Twitter)

1) Take Me Home performance

Fans went crazy over the band’s performance of Take Me Home from their album, Zero: Fever Part.2. The track was released in 2021 and immediately became a fan favorite. What made it even more mesmerizing was the group’s performance at the end of the song, which was extremely elegant.

The mirror panels moving across the stage with each member using them as covers to mark their exit from the stage was certainly a unique concept. To top it all, the iconic ‘waves’ by the members left ATINYs screaming their lungs out.

2) Jongho won hearts with One Late Night in 1994

Fans were shocked and blessed at the same time when they heard Jongho sing the acapella version of the song, One Late Night, in 1994. Jongho’s piece during ATEEZ's 2022 concert overturned the atmosphere from heavy bass and high volume to purely his soothing vocals. The arena suddenly observed a calm, sweet, and serene break.

3) ATEEZ performance of Rocky with a bang

To spice things up, ATEEZ performed Rocky, which was not just notable for the fans but also for the group. Hongjoong wrote the song in June, before Mingi’s return, after the latter took a hiatus due to his anxiety issues.

The extremely meaningful and powerful track is about never giving up and encourages one to get back up after a bad phase. Rocky has proved to be an inspirational song and has helped fans understand the importance of not giving up. This touching moment from ATEEZ's 2022 concert will forever be memorable.

4) Yunho's twerking skills

Yunho decided to hype things up by serving his twerking skills with all the craze and fun. ATINYs gasped for air because they couldn’t stop screaming and cheering for the adorable member. Not only the crowd but his fellow members were also seen smiling and enjoying the moment to its fullest. This was perhaps the most fun moment during ATEEZ's 2022 concert.

5) The emotional turnabout

Last but not least, one can never forget about the end of ATEEZ's 2022 concert. Given that the boy band and their fanbase waited for two long years for the concert to occur, they certainly were overwhelmed. Near the end, the members tearfully expressed how much each moment meant to them.

Yunho further added and stated how it “feels like only yesterday” when they were training as KQ Fellaz in LA. They also expressed their gratitude, saying they would keep practicing and getting better at dancing and singing for ATINYs. The boy bond promised fans to make up for the time they lost, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creating even more precious memories together.

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