TXT members reflect on their success since debut days and reveal what inspires their musical journeys

A still of the K-pop boy group (Image via @TXT_bighit/Twitter)
A still of the K-pop boy group (Image via @TXT_bighit/Twitter)

World-famous K-pop boy group TXT, also known as Tomorrow X Together, recently featured on Seventeen Magazine’s fun-filled video and shared their experiences and stories from their pre-debut days and much more. The K-pop boy group made a comeback to the music industry with the release of their new album Minisode 2:Thursday’s Child and has gained a lot of attention for their unique concepts and catchy songs.

The boy band was formed by BIGHIT MUSIC, who is also home to global K-pop sensation BTS. Both groups take time out to cheer on each other for their efforts and comebacks. Proving themselves to be a close-knit family, the members of both groups also hang out with each other in the Big Hit Music building.

TXT boasts a five-member lineup of Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Soobun, Taehyun, and Hueningkai. The group debuted on March 4, 2019, with their EP titled The Dream.

TXT plays "Then vs Now" during Seventeen Magazine's latest interview

On June 3, 2022, international magazine Seventeen uploaded a new video to their YouTube channel, featurng none other than K-pop superstars TXT. In the interview, the boys played numerous games and answered a series of questions related to their debut days. They were also asked about the kind of person they are now.

The group members openly spoke about their growth as K-pop idols over the past few years and how they have matured because of various experiences and lessons. The group members stated that they had no hands-on experience in song composition prior to the creation of their first album, The Dream Chapter: Magic.


The members took turns and said that they have gradually involved themselves in the creation of their music, especially with regard to their new album Minisode 2: Thursday’s Child that they helped compose.

Since the group has performed in front of crowds on numerous occasions, groupmate Soobin stated that he no longer gets stage fright and marveled at the art of being confident. He also mentioned that he is more comfortable performing now than he was before, but still gets slight jitters from time to time, which is absolutely normal.

Group members Taehyun, Heuningkai, and Beomgyu simultaneously agreed that they still haven’t perfected the skill of lyric memorization, and admitted that they forget certain lines and words sometimes.

Heuningkai stated that he draws inspiration from watching videos of the group’s past performances and emotional experiences. Soobin agreed, and mentiond that they all feel the same way. Group member Taehyun said that his fellow group mates inspire him and he always thinks about them when he hears the group’s songs.

One of the most important aspects of the band for the members is the growth in their friendship over the years. They now share a stronger bond with each other than ever before. Yeonjun explained that everyone knows each other very well and feels happy to be around the group as a whole.

Meanwhile, TXT also said that their fanbase, known as MOA, has a special place in their lives and that they think of their fans more as friends than anything else. In the end, the members agreed that they had come a long way from the time of their debut and first fan meeting with the MOAs. Today, they occupy an important position in the global music arena.

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Edited by Mohini Banerjee