5 funniest TXT and BTS interactions

BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun at the BIGHIT Family Photoshoot (Photo via BIGHIT MUSIC)
BTS, TXT, and Lee Hyun at the BIGHIT Family Photoshoot (Photo via BIGHIT MUSIC)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER (or TXT) was the first male K-pop group to debut under BIGHIT MUSIC (then Big Hit Entertainment) after BTS. Despite both idol-groups having packed schedules, being under the same label has ensured many interactions between these two groups.

Before TXT's debut in 2019, while accepting an award at the Seoul Music Awards, Jin asked the audience to support their "hoobaes" or company juniors. Jimin, too, has shown the Cat & Dog group his support by posting about their debut on BTS' official Twitter account.

RM participated in songwriting for TXT's hit 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori. In a VLive, he mentioned that he studied the TXT Universe after producer (and ex-CEO of HYBE) Bang Si-hyuk approached him for help.


Hilarious BTS-TXT Moments

When TOMORROW X TOGETHER officially introduced themselves to their company seniors, BTS surprised them by buying them pizza to congratulate the group on their debut. Since then, the two groups have had many adorable yet amusing meetings: here are five of them.

1) The BIGHIT Family photoshoot (Behind)


In 2020, Big Hit Entertainment (now BIGHIT MUSIC) released a number of photographs featuring all the artists they represent. This included BTS, TXT, and Korean singer Lee Hyun. The behind-the-scenes video revealed many hilarious interactions between the two groups.

When Jin and RM were to be photographed with TXT's Soobin and Hueningkai, they complained about being shorter, wanting to change into heeled Chelsea boots. Meanwhile, Jungkook commented that he would like to be taller in his next life.

The interviews between the photoshoots were the icing on an already beautiful BIGHIT cake. When MC Jungkook asked RM who he would like to create a unit with, he replied that he wanted to create another Cypher with BTS' rap-unit and TXT's Yeonjun. At this, Taehyung, who has wanted to be a part of Cypher for awhile, interjected, asking if he was ever considered for this unit.

All in all, this was a great photoshoot with many laughs that resulted in beautiful photographs and wholesome interations.

2) The time TXT went to BTS' concert in Chicago


When TXT just debuted, they released a show in collaboration with MNet called One Dream. TXT. As part of the show, they attended BTS' Chicago concert of Love Yourself: Speak Yourself tour. After the concert, which left the newly debuted group mesmerized, the five members went backstage to rendezvous with their seniors.

The highlight of this interaction was a Love Actually-style letter prepared by TXT showing their love for the global superstars. Jungkook and SUGA could barely meet their juniors' eyes, while the other members struggled to hide their embarrassment (and joy).

The Dynamite group offered their juniors encouragement for their future showcase and promised to exchange numbers. The five-member younger group, though nervous, took their advice to heart and the encounter concluded with a photograph for posterity.

3) The time TXT covered Boy In Luv at SBS Gayo Daejeon 2019


BTS songs have been covered scores of times by many artists, both Korean and Western. But it was TXT's first time covering Boy in Luv at SBS Gayo Daejeon in 2019.

BTS observed the younger group's cover intently, with Jimin even saying that TXT Taehyun performed a high note better than Jimin himself. The seniors then welcomed the Blue Hour singers into their dressing room, praising their performance.


TXT Beomgyu revealed in a VLive that V had planned a prank on him, which involved BTS getting cross at TOMORROW X TOGETHER. But when Beomgyu started crying because he made a mistake, they promptly abandoned the prank, scolding V for bringing Beomgyu to tears.

4) The interactions at MMA 2019


At the 2019 Melon Music Awards, BTS happened to be seated in front of TXT, resulting in many adorable moments between the two groups.

From the Butter hitmakers showing their proud faces during their juniors' performance to V leaping out of his seat upon hearing TXT's name announced for the Rookie of the Year award, the MMA 2019 ceremony left many high points.

Other focal points were the 0x1=LOVE SONG singers preparing to stand up when they realized the Dynamite septet was bound to win an award and the younger group danced and sang along to their company seniors' performance.

5) The Boy With Luv Encore at Music Core 20190425


During the world-famous septet's encore at Music Bank after winning a weekly award for Boy With Luv, they decided to play around with their song by singing a trot version of it and lowering their singing pitch.

If this wasn't funny enough, on their staff's advice, TXT remained on stage to congratulate their seniors. Soobin, in an interview with Korean host Jaejae, said that they meant to leave after giving their good wishes, but their staff encouraged them to stay. Meanwhile, both groups were confused- but the senior group warmly greeted their juniors, dissolving the awkwardness.

BTS are established global superstars, while TXT are considered the "IT Boys" of fourth-generation K-pop. In interactions between the two groups from BIGHIT MUSIC, there is only fondness and pride to be seen.

The Butter superstars are on their way to perform four sold-out concerts in Las Vegas, with a pit-stop for a performance at the Grammys. The fourth-generation "IT Boys" of K-pop on the other hand, recently held their first offline fan-meet in almost two years. They were also the first male Korean artists to debut on Billboard's Song Breaker chart in March.

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