Top B-side tracks of TXT: Anti-Romantic, Ghosting and more

TXT has many underrated B-sides that deserve more attention. (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)
TXT has many underrated B-sides that deserve more attention. (Image via BIG HIT MUSIC)

TXT has shown itself to be a group to take note of since their debut. Beginning with a cute and colorful concept on their first album, the group has since evolved to cover various genres. Their latest albums have followed a darker, more punk theme than the earlier ones, with the members also participating in songwriting and production.

As part of the fast-evolving fourth generation of K-pop, TOMORROW X TOGETHER speaks of issues affecting them. Friendship, love, loneliness, mental health, etc., are themes the group explores in their songs and music videos.

The 5 best B-side tracks by TXT

B-sides is the term used for all songs apart from the title track in an album. TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) may have been active for about three years, but in that time, they have proved that their B-side ways are as well-thought and deep as their title tracks.

Here are five B-side tracks from the group that fans must listen to.

1) Anti-Romantic


If there were an award for B-side of the year, it would go to Anti-Romantic. From casual K-pop listeners to TikTok enthusiasts, everyone has heard this song, even if they are unaware that it is by TOMORROW X TOGETHER.

The song went viral on dance TikTok and soared in popularity, rivaling the title track 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You). The song talks about the intense emotions in a young relationship, where love seems fleeting and leaves one to deal with a lot more than they signed up for.

2) Ghosting


Ghosting is a surprisingly calm and peaceful song for all the raw emotion and deep meaning. As the name suggests, the song is about being removed from someone's life with no intimation and the pain felt by the person left behind.

Ghosting seems to represent what TXT stands for with airy vocals by the Blue Hour group and a soft rock feel to it. The genre leans towards dream pop, something not often explored in K-pop, making it sound fresh and exciting even to casual listeners.

3) Eternally


Only TXT can make a 13-minute music video for a B-side and reach more than 10 million views. Eternally happens to be one of the group's most unique songs.

When it starts, listeners might think it to be a typical K-pop ballad, but the beat drops halfway through the song, dramatically changing the genre. Eternally's long music video might seem cumbersome to some viewers, but the shifting of style within adds a spellbinding quality that makes up for it.

4) Dear Sputnik


Dear Sputnik is special for both MOAs and TXT. The song happens to be produced by the group's youngest Hueningkai, who has said in interviews that he enjoyed the process and would like to experiment with different sounds.

The track references the first-ever artificial satellite to be sent to space in 1957, talking about the darkness and frostiness of space where the only warmth is Sputnik. The song is a promising debut for producer Hueningkai and shows the potential for further participation by the maknae in music-making.

5) Nap of a star


Picture a Narnia-like set-up with snow, magic, and young boys with something different. Some have horns, some wings, and they don’t seem to belong anywhere. Weave in a lullaby-like sound and beautiful airy vocals. This is Nap of a star in a nutshell.

The music video almost seems like a short film with stop-motion and references to pop culture and film-ish cinematography. The song itself is probably one of the first ballads by TXT, and it is a glimpse into what the group is capable of doing in the future.

TXT's B-sides are interesting, experimental, and fan favorites, often forgotten among better-promoted title tracks. The songs create a substantial impact on the listeners and strive to take the album's story forward.


The fourth-generation group recently released their album minisode 2: Thursday's Child with Good Boy Gone Bad. The album explores heartbreak, anger, and retribution with creative participation in songwriting and production by TXT.

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