5 most hilarious TXT TikToks: Yeonjun's Macarena, Taehyun's magic trick, and more

TXT's minisode 2: Thursday's Child - Concept Photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
TXT's minisode 2: Thursday's Child - Concept Photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

The five-member group, TOMORROW X TOGETHER, are pros at making TikTok videos. TXT TikToks are nothing short of works of art. They are as creative as they are hilarious, and each video proves this point a hundred times over.

TXT TikToks help the members show a different and more personal side of themselves to their fans, allowing fans a glimpse into their real-life personalities. Depending on their mood, the boys can be alluring and goofy, and they have never shied away from taking part in TikTok trends, whatever they may be.

5 TXT TikToks that will leave everyone in splits

1) Soobin's pole smack down

Soobin deserves the best actor award for his convincing performance in the role of a person pretending to be smacked in the head by a metal pole. The TikTok video starts off with Soobin lipsyncing to a song using a mic and ends with him on the floor after getting smacked in the head by the same microphone.

He used a green screen to create this effect, however, his immaculate acting was what pulled the video together. It was a challenging feat to pull off, especially with a straight face, and he did it both effortlessly and humorously.

2) Yeonjun's Macarena

Yeonjun’s duet with the animated character dancing animatedly to the iconic song Macarena went viral on both TikTok and Twitter. TXT TikToks are mostly either funny or shocking, and this particular TikTok captures both of these elements.

Yeonjun has Shakira’s hips and Megan Thee Stallion’s knees. No other explanation would suffice as to how he could move so flexibly, almost exactly like the animated character, despite having 206 bones like every other human being.

His movements were over the top, but that’s what was liked by the viewers of the video. Unfortunately, the video was deleted. Many believe it could be due to copyright infringement, however no clear-cut answer has yet been provided.

3) Taehyun's magic trick

Taehyun is pure magic, and this TikTok video is proof of it. Fans know that Taehyun is great at card tricks, and he has displayed this talent to fans multiple times over. But those aren't the only tricks up his sleeve.

In the video, the camera only shows his left hand approaching what appears to be a mirror, but the reflection of his left hand was revealed to be his right hand, mirroring the actions of his left hand.

But if both his hands are in front of the camera, tricking the viewers, how is he recording the video? Turns out he is using his multipurpose mouth as a steady tripod. This enterprising idea left viewers laughing.

4) TXT's Dilemma

TXT TikToks are nothing if not dramatic. The group channeled their inner Kelly Rowland with their lipsync rendition of the song Dilemma. Initially, one could only see Hueningkai using a spoon as a mic, singing his heart out to the song. But as he moved from his place, one could see the other four members behind him providing backing vocals just as passionately.

They each had a spoon to hold like a microphone as well. It was a very heartfelt rendition of the Dilemma challenge, and the members gave it their all. The theatrics, production, and emotions were all on point. The members had 5 spoons, a phone, and a dream, and they managed to produce an epic performance.

5) Soobin's one true love

Heat Waves by Glass Animals is a very popular sound on TikTok and YouTube. People make videos of themselves reminiscing about the past or someone they love but have lost along the way.

Soobin, in his flamboyant style, decided to use this sound as well. The text on the video reads, “I might be busy working…but…” making fans curious to know who Soobin thinks about all the time.

Some even thought it could be a video dedicated to fans, as many TXT TikToks have done in the past. However, it was about his one true love, his pet hedgehog, Odi. The over-the-top production of the video was not lost on fans, who found the theatrics both adorable and entertaining.

TXT TikToks have always capitalized on the trends, adding their own personal flair to it. Their song Anti-Romantic also went viral on TikTok and the boys were quick to follow that trend as well but in their own way.

Currently, TXT TikToks are teasing the songs from their new album minisode 2: Thursday's Child, set to release on May 9.

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Edited by R. Elahi
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