TXT’s Yeonjun takes over Twitter by opening solo Instagram account

TXT's Yeonjun (Image via @TXT_members/Twitter)
TXT's Yeonjun (Image via @TXT_members/Twitter)

On January 6, TXT’s eldest member Yeonjun opened a personal Instagram account, a first for the boy group. It was yet another sudden move by BIGHIT MUSIC, the group’s agency, similar to the BTS members opening their solo accounts.

Crowned Big Hit’s Legendary Trainee, Yeonjun’s account has surpassed 2.3 million followers at writing. The account currently only follows one account that is TXT’s official Instagram. As expected, fans couldn’t contain their excitement and started trending multiple words and phrases on Twitter.

Yeonjun becomes the first TXT member to open a personal Instagram account

All the BIGHIT MUSIC boys are slowly turning to their personal accounts on Instagram to communicate with their fans. The latest to join BTS, is TXT’s all-rounder eldest member Yeonjun.

The 22-year-old idol posted a single photo in an all-black, full-sleeves with an off-white turtleneck outfit, marking the opening of a new beginning - @yawnzzn, an individual personal Instagram account. Yeonjun captioned it with a single word, “Hi,” and kept the comments section open too. The single post currently has more than 393k comments.

MOAs reacted to the sweet surprise in hilarious ways on Twitter. The surprise took them off guard as many fans believed others were scamming them by editing the layout and using Yeonjun’s images. Fans soon started calling it “a fever dream” , still shocked at the sudden move by the TXT member.

On the other hand, MOAs now believe the remaining members, Soobin, Beomgyu, Taehyun and Huening Kai, will also open their accounts one by one. This is a major difference from their senior BTS, who launched their solo accounts together.

Fans also found solid proof of this conjecture when Taehyun uploaded a screenshot on Weverse hyping his older brother.

In Taehyun’s image, a small red dot can be seen below the profile icon. The display picture of the icon confirmed Taehyun was using TXT’s official group account. However, the red dot suggests unread notifications on another account logged in from the same app.

The other account might turn out to be The Star Seekers' official account or another far-fetched possibility could be that the screenshot was from an HYBE employee’s phone.

As Yeonjun has opened the gates of individual accounts, it is doubtful that the company will not let the remaining members launch their respective Instagram accounts.

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