‘Yeonjun Noona’: How TXT’s Huening Kai named the eldest in the most cutest way

TXT's Huening Kai and Yeonjun (Image via Twitter/@M2MPD)
TXT's Huening Kai and Yeonjun (Image via Twitter/@M2MPD)

BIGHIT MUSIC’s TXT is a boy group, but that doesn’t stop the youngest member, Huening Kai calling the eldest, Yeonjun noona. Any Korean culture enthusiast would know noona doesn't fit a male. Noona is a term of respect used by males to address an older female friend or sister out of respect.

Huening Kai’s latest interaction on Kiss The Radio with MOAs (TXT’s fandom) on October 26 has fans trending ‘yeonjun noona’ on Twitter. As fans reminisce about the fun moments with the TXT members and miss Yeonjun in his ‘noona’ era, let’s look at what and how the whole trend started.


MOAs trend ‘yeonjun noona’ on Twitter as TXT’s Huening Kai announces new TuKiRa DJ

Huening Kai was the DJ for Tomorrow X Together’s Kiss The Radio (aka TuKiRa) on October 26. He ended his episode by telling MOAs that the new host for October 27’s show would be Yeonjun. However, instead of calling him hyung (a word males use to address older male friends or brothers out of respect), the youngest took the opportunity to tease him by calling him “my Yeonjun noona.”

With Huening Kai calling Yeonjun “noona” again, fans have taken it upon themselves to call him the same, regardless of their gender and age, to have fun.

It isn’t the first time Huening Kai has called Yeonjun noona, and fans again love it. So, how did it start?

In October 2020, TXT released their third EP minisode1: Blue Hour. The Blue Hour era remains etched in fans’ minds as Soobin colored his hair blue and Yeonjun pink. In performances for their B-side track We Lost the Summer, a track reminiscent of the times teenagers lost due to the pandemic, Yeonjun tied his hair in a ponytail, looking chic.

In a vlive on October 31, 2020, fans commented on how much they loved his ponytail. Reading the comment, Huening Kai revealed that these days he calls him "Yeonjun noona."

Later, in November, M2 released a behind-the-scenes episode of the Blue Hour comeback showcase where Huening Kai came to Yeonjun's side, calling him his favorite term of endearment.

When Yeonjun asked others to comment on his style, Soobin and Beomgyu said he looked like his aunt, Taehyun gave him one star out of 5, and Huening Kai, of course, called him “a cool noona.”

Watch the below video from 5:32 to 7:07:


While fans might not know precisely when behind-the-scenes, publicly, it started from the Blue Hour comeback showcase. Since then, he has called him noona on multiple occasions - uploading a sketch of Yeonjung with the caption “Today’s Yeonjun noona”, calling him “Yeonjun unnie”, and replying to a comment on Weverse with the same term of endearment.

Meanwhile, TXT dropped cinematic solo posters for their upcoming Japanese comeback album Chaotic Wonderland. The album will be released on November 10, 2021.

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