What does a 'Black Card' mean in K-pop and who owns it? 

BTS' Jungkook and BIGBANG's G-Dragon (Image via official BTS Twitter and Google)
BTS' Jungkook and BIGBANG's G-Dragon (Image via official BTS Twitter and Google)

The Black Card, in simpler terms, is the biggest flex for a K-pop star. Only the rarest of the rare get a chance to have them.

It's a type of luxury credit card that has no upper limit of expenses. They can literally skyrocket for all anyone cares. It's also a symbol of a lavish lifestyle and the ultra-rich. Multiple K-pop celebrities have been spotted with a Black Card in hand, throwing K-pop stans off their feet and wondering what it could ever mean.

Fans will know what a Black Card stands for by reading ahead.

What does having a 'Black Card' in K-pop mean?

A credit card reserved only for the luxurious, for the uber-premium people, is called the Black Card. It's only offered to people who have incredibly high net worth and spending needs. It is a card with limitless access, whether it's real estate, luxurious clothes or anything else.

From the richest businessmen to the highest-earning K-pop idols, Black Card is almost like a boon to them, majorly because of its unlimited spending access. It is also rumored that black credit holders need to spend at least $120,000 a year.

Four of the most expensive black cards to exist are Hyundai Card's 'The Black', Samsung Card's 'Raume O', Hana Card's 'Club 1' and KB Kookmin Card's 'Tantum'. Only the annual fees of these cards go up to about 2 million KRW.

Curiosity might take over, with fans wondering what really is the difference between a black credit card and why not just pay through the bank? Well, these premium cards come with loads of luxurious benefits.

In an example given by Korea Bizware, a Hana Card's 'Club 1' owner may buy a business class flight. Buying one flight ticket can get the owner a free first class upgrade once a year to Europe, America, etc. and thrice a year to Japan, Southeast Asia and more.

Free first-class flight tickets are only one part of the benefits. Other advantages include high-end hotel stays, luxury brand vouchers and 24-hour concierges, among many other things.

So what are the basic requirements for a black card?

According to the same article, spending should be at least 10 million KRW, minimum assets of 10 billion KRW and the card holders should be making at least 200 million KRW a year!

Some of the K-pop idols who own the luxurious Black Card are BIGBANG's G-Dragon and Taeyang, BTS' Jin and Jungkook, BLACKPINK's Jennie, EXO's Suho, Girls' Generations' Taeyeon and TXT's Yeonjun.

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