BTS' net worth: How much each member of the K-pop group earns

Members of BTS arrive for the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (Image via Getty)
Members of BTS arrive for the 62nd Annual GRAMMY Awards (Image via Getty)

It is no secret that BTS is the most successful K-pop group in the world. The boy band's popularity exploded globally last year, especially in the aftermath of the release of "Dynamite," their first English-language single. The single earned them (and K-pop) their first Grammy nomination. With their second English-language single, "Butter," on its way, BTS members continue to climb the ladder of success.

In addition to their earnings from the main group, each member also has solo projects, which leads to their earnings being different. With HYBE going public with its IPO last year, the group's value has increased.

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How much is BTS' net worth?

According to Forbes, in 2019, BTS grossed $170 million on the road, second only to Metallica. As of June 2020, the group was worth $50 million. Of course, this was before BTS' entertainment agency, Big Hit - now HYBE Entertainment - went public with their IPO.

According to Seoul Space, each member of BTS has a base salary of $8 million. In addition, each member also has 68,000 shares of HYBE stock, giving an added value of $8 million to each member. As such, the base net worth of each member is expected to be around $16 million.

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How much is each member of BTS worth?

The seven members of BTS, while mostly involved in group-related activities, also have their solo projects. RM, for instance, is one of the youngest members of the Korea Music Copyright Association (KOMCA). He has more than 130 songs credited to his name.

The richest BTS member is suspected to be either J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok) or Suga (Min Yoon Gi). Both members are worth between $23 and $26 million, given their individual projects. J-Hope bought an apartment in Seoul in 2018 that is now valued at over $2 million.

Next on the list of BTS's richest members is RM (Kim Nam Joon), who is suspected of having a net worth of over $20 million. With two solo mixtapes and numerous writing credits, RM is easily one of the most influential people in K-pop.

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BTS's Jimin (Park Ji Min) has an estimated net worth of between $18 and $20 million. As one of the main vocalists and a songwriter, Jimin is one of the members with the most potential, often ranking at number 1 for idols who have the best brand reputations.

BTS's Maknae (aka youngest member), Jungkook (Jeon Jung Kook), has a similar estimated net worth as Jimin and is one of ARMY's favorites. Not only is Jungkook talented at singing, rapping, and dancing, he is also the most Google-searched BTS member.

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Jin (Kim Seok Jin) and V (Kim Tae Hyung) have an estimated net worth of between $18 and $19 million. V and Jin are known for their vocals, with V also branching into acting. V is also expected to release his first mixtape this year. Jin, meanwhile, is the most business-savvy of BTS members, having opened a Japanese restaurant in South Korea with his brother.

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