"Hyundai x BTS" collab for Earth Day has fans asking K-pop group to release ad music

The Hyundai x BTS collab (Image via PR Newswire)
The Hyundai x BTS collab (Image via PR Newswire)

Hyundai Motor has released its latest ad featuring K-pop sensation BTS and their music to mark the occasion of Earth Day. Highlighting the organization's vision for a sustainable future, the one-minute video has fans asking the group to release the song featured in the ad.

This is Hyundai's second Earth Day video starring BTS. Last year, the South Korean motor company released a video on its global hydrogen campaign to spread awareness about the future of hydrogen as a source of clean energy using the slogan "Because of You."

Last year's collaboration between Hyundai and BTS gained over 100 million views.

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What is the Hyundai x BTS ad about?

Hyundai Motor's latest ad to celebrate Earth Day is themed "For Tomorrow We Won't Wait" and features BTS. In the video, the band's members and other young people suggest eco-friendly practices with a vision for a sustainable future.

In a statement to the press, Thomas Schemera, the Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Hyundai Motor, said:

"Hyundai Motor and BTS have continued to work together to spread the values of sustainability to the world. The MZ generation's growing awareness of how their lifestyle choices and purchasing decisions impact the environment has led them to seek greener solutions for their daily needs."

In the latest ad, V, Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, and J-Hope, along with other young people, take part in simple eco-friendly activities such as using tumblers, wearing clothes made of recycled materials, turning off lights, and picking waste from the ocean, encouraging others to do the same in their daily routines.

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RM and others narrate that they will not wait for someone to come and "save us." RM says:

"We won't wait for the waters to be cleared. We won't just wait to breathe clean air. We won't wait to uplift our lives today and to embrace our now for better."

The ad also highlights Hyundai's electric vehicle, NEXO, a zero-emission hydrogen vehicle that only emits water vapor and purifies the air.

Fans want the ad's music to be released as a single

Fans are loving the new collaboration between Hyundai and BTS, with many appreciating its visuals. Some even plan to buy the vehicle featured in the ad.

Fans also lauded the empowering message behind the ad.

The ad also has a background score featuring BTS's vocals, and fans are asking the group to release the song as a separate single.

Readers can watch the Hyundai x BTS Earth Day ad below.


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