TXT’s original webtoon THE STAR SEEKERS: Synopsis, release details and more

TXT's THE STAR SEEKERS poster (Image via Twitter/@TXT__News)
TXT's THE STAR SEEKERS poster (Image via Twitter/@TXT__News)

On November 4, HYBE announced THE STAR SEEKERS, TXT’s original webtoon that's set to be released in 2022. The series will be released in both a webtoon and a web novel format. In their 2021 corporate briefing posted on YouTube, HYBE announced multiple plans for their company’s expansion, one of them being the original series for TXT, BTS and ENHYPEN.

The release of webtoons takes the company closer to their aim of becoming more than just a music agency. HYBE previously teased the story of THE STAR SEEKERS in TXT’s latest music video release of Frost. Fans will now get more of an insight as to what it could be and how it is connected with the group’s music storyline.

HYBE announces TXT’s original webtoon and web novel titled 'THE STAR SEEKERS'

Shawn Hwangbo, the General Manager of HYBE introduced the webtoons and web novels in the briefing’s Boundless: Story segment. The Boundless: Story sheds the boundaries of these ‘stories’ previously shown only through music and forays into webtoons, web novels, animations, games, and more.

One such story is of the group TOMORROW X TOGETHER, aka TXT. The group’s upcoming webtoon is titled THE STAR SEEKERS. HYBE released a teaser of this during their corporate briefing on YouTube on November 4.

What is TXT’s webtoon THE STAR SEEKERS all about?

THE STAR SEEKERS webtoon aims to provide comfort, empathy, and an understanding of the stories TXT has revealed since its debut through its music and music videos. Fans will finally be able to understand the complex world of the TXT universe, which till now has been revealed in little pieces such as The Doom’s Night animation and the pop-up book The Tale of the Magic Island.

The story of THE STAR SEEKERS revolves around an idol group that exists in a world where magic and reality co-exist. The boys soon realize their magical abilities, as secrets of the impending doom force them to face it. As fantasy blends with the entertainment world, the series will have multiple imaginary creatures, supernatural elements, magical performances, and more.

TXT’s unique and original storyline for the webtoons fits perfectly for what the group stands for - being the voice of Gen Z. An entire generation of “young people living in this age devoid of hope, growing up, and worrying about their future.”

Check out the stills released for THE STAR SEEKERS below:

When will TXT’s THE STAR SEEKERS webtoon be released?

TXT’s original webtoon THE STAR SEEKERS will be released on January 17, 2022 on Naver's Webtoon. Wattpad will release its web novel equivalent on Wattpad on the same day.

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