TXT give a mysterious message in cinematic solo teasers for B-side track 'Frost'

TXT's Chaotic Wonderland concept photo (Image via Twitter)
TXT's Chaotic Wonderland concept photo (Image via Twitter)

On October 27, BIGHIT MUSIC dropped mysterious teasers for TXT’s B-side track Frost. The solo teasers give off an eerie, supernatural movie poster vibe. Frost seems to further explore their TXT universe storyline and be in tandem with their Japanese release Chaotic Wonderland, as the five members look like they’re struggling with mayhem.

HYBE’s groups - BTS and Tomorrow X Together - weave in complex storylines with each of their releases, creating their universe. Chaotic Wonderland’s dark version posters seem to take fans deeper into their storyline, giving hints at the potential story of their characters.

TXT drops cinematic solo posters for ‘Frost’ with mysterious dialogues

Tomorrow X Together released Frost teaser posters on October 27, KST, soon after Huening Kai’s TuKiRa ended. The posters give off a snow prince vibe, connecting their Chaotic Wonderland teasers where they’re all dressed in black and possibly stuck inside a frozen world. The wonderland can also be synonymous with Alice’s wonderland, but on the darker side, as flowers are blooming inside the snowy bushes.

Frost teasers too spin a tale.

Soobin: “Carried away by a name, I’m in chaos”
Yeonjun: “Even though spring is here, there’s warmth nowhere”
Beomgyu: “The frozen meaning, in front of the name”
Taehyun: “Dwelling inside the unfamiliar name”
Huening Kai: “Even if I call that name, there’s only a cold breath”
never fail to surprise me with their concepts every time like DAMN LOOK AT THEM #TXT_Frost

MOAs (fandom name) have been trying to decipher the easter eggs in the posters and connect the storyline. Read some of their theories below:

@translatingTXT @TXT_members @TXT_bighit Isn't this like a symbol of taehyun eyes in nap of a star ???
@translatingTXT @TXT_members @TXT_bighit the name again, its always been the hint eversince noas. WHAT IS THAT NAME?!
@translatingTXT @TXT_members @TXT_bighit In eternally Huening Kai said "I reach out, but my hand touch nothing" and now "even if I call that name, there's only a cold breath" 😭😭😭
@translatingTXT @TXT_members @TXT_bighit So basically they all like to need a savior but instead of calling that certain someone who can save them, they forget the name. So they have to suffer more until they remember the name
So does this mean..TH will be the bad guy and YJ will dword again ..BUT ISNT HE THE ONE WHO SAW YJ DWORD ??

Meanwhile, the five-member group’s Chaotic Wonderland teaser photos were in complete contrast to Frost's photos. The former had a pastel-colored candy world.

In other news, the group's recent album The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE became the longest-charting K-pop album on Billboard in 2021. The album is currently in its 21st week on the chart. It even re-entered the Tastemaker Albums chart at No. 2 in the previous week.

More about HYBE's Tomorrow X Together

Tomorrow X Together debuted in 2019 under HYBE Labels, home to BTS. Debuting after the globally-famous group, the young boys debuted not as rookies but with a high bar of expectations already set for them.

The five-member group debuted with a fun, supernatural concept and takes pride in telling the stories of today, of Gen Z. In an interview with NME magazine about their latest comeback, The Chaos Chapter: Fight or Escape, the group mentioned what distinguishes them from their sunbaes, BTS. Yeonjun replied,

"We tell stories of our generation, a generation at the crux of growth.”

Meanwhile, the Frost music video will be released on October 28, 12 AM KST, and Chaotic Wonderland will be released on November 10, 2021.

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