Top 10 underrated BTS b-side tracks

BTS MOTS 7 Concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)
BTS MOTS 7 Concept photo (Image via @BIGHIT_MUSIC/Twitter)

BTS has a vast discography spread across hundreds of songs. This is just inclusive of the ones they've released as a group. Their solo songs, collaborations, and mixtapes would push the list to greater heights.

There is not a single genre they haven't tried or shied away from, consistently delivering fresh new sounds with every release. This must be why their discography is flawless. Not just the title tracks, but also their b-sides are impeccable. They do not put out work less than perfection.

BTS is also heavily involved in the composition and production processes of the songs, choosing to write a lot of their lyrics. This shows just how dedicated they are to their art, always making sure to deliver only the quality content that ARMYs enjoy.

10 BTS songs that are not as popular amongst non-ARMYs

1) Paradise


For the longest time, this song was highly underrated amongst ARMYs too, but has grown in popularity in the fandom immensely. Paradise was on BTS' Love Yourself: Tear album and is the one song ARMYs clamor about every day on Twitter because, for some reason, BTS just refuses to perform it in concerts.

This song talks about how it is not an issue if everyone runs at their own pace trying to figure out their lives since this is not a competition. Life is a marathon one needs to savor and not a short race that will get over instantly.

"It’s okay to pause. There’s no need to run without knowing the reason. It’s okay not to have a dream, as long as there are your moments to briefly feel happiness."

2) Louder than Bombs


Louder than Bombs was part of their Map of the Soul: 7 album. Despite being part of their second latest album, this song is on this list for being the only song BTS has not performed in concerts.

It's also a b-side track that not many people would've heard of if they weren't an ARMY. The song is highly intense, haunting, and fit to be a background score for a dramatic scene in a movie.

The lyrics detail the pain and hypocrisy BTS has faced throughout their careers and how despite all that stood against them, they will never stop telling their story through their songs and continue to perform for ARMYs for as long as they can.

"I want to tell you, the darkness exists anywhere, don’t be afraid. Whatever night swallows me, I don’t give up. The fight that is for you, we’ll shine."

3) 24/7=heaven


Part of their debut studio album, Dark & Wild, 24/7=heaven is a toe-curling love song. It talks about the excitement of thinking about one's first date with their crush. The endless wait for the day to arrive and fantasizing about the day is captured immaculately in this song.

Although the album is fairly popular, since the song was one of their previous releases, it does not get its time in the sun as it should. It truly is a song most people in love would relate to.

"The Sunday when I’ll be meeting you, the Sunday that I’ve been waiting for. Time, please run a bit faster. The Sunday when I’ll be meeting you, the someday that I’ve only been imagining. I don’t think I’ll be able to sleep at all tonight."

4) Outro: Her


Outro: Her was the last track on BTS' Love Yourself: Her album, part of the Love Yourself trilogy. It sets the tone for the trilogy and what one can expect out of all the upcoming albums and flows seamlessly into the next album.

One would almost certainly think the trilogy is one big album with how well the intros and outros flow into each other.

The song is only sung by the rap line and sets the mood for Love Yourself: Tear album by talking about the complexes and insecurities one has, the fear of not being true to oneself. Love Yourself comprises of Wonder, Her, Tear, and Answer, all of which are mentioned in the song.

"All of my wonder, the answer for that. I call you her, her. Cuz you’re my tear, tear."

5) Paldogangsan/Satoori Rap


Paldogangsan is a fun-loving song celebrating the various regions BTS are from and their respective satoori or dialects. Part of their second album, O!RUL8,2?, the song literally refers to the scenery of Korea.

Paldo means the eight provinces that make up Korea, and Gangsan means land. It is not just a song that showcases how proud they are of their motherland but also how diverse a group BTS is despite all of them being from Korea. There is unity in this diversity.

"Why keep fighting, in the end, they’re all Korean. Look up, the same sky that we face like this. Though it’s a bit cringey, they’re all great. We can all communicate, right? "

6) Outro: Propose


Skool Luv Affair was BTS' third album and had the masterpiece of an outro in the form of Outro: Propose. The album focuses on school life and love, and this song was the perfect way to close such an album.

The emotions of a fledgling crush on someone in school, the baby love, are this song's essence. Stealing glances at the person of our admiration while building up the courage to ask them out on a date, the innocence of this pure attraction is delivered beautifully by the vocal line.

"You’re everything for me. Even if a harsh day arrives tomorrow, please hold my hand."

7) Wishing on a Star


This song was on their second Japanese album called Youth. Their original Japanese songs are not as well known, especially the older ones, and that's why they're hidden gems.

BTS' Japanese discography is just as immaculate as their Korean one, full of fun and hard-hitting songs, like this one. The song talks about wishing on a star to make all of one's dreams come true and not give up despite obstacles. Hope is the only constant, and one must always continue to dream without feeling defeated.

"Because, even if your greed is like Pandora’s, there will be hope, my baby don’t be afraid and look at yourself because your beating heart will tell you, now, try having bigger dreams, so that even if they're broken, the remaining fragments are big themselves, baby."

8) Path

Path is a hidden track on their debut album 2 Cool 4 Skool and is only available on the album's physical copy. This song is hopeful for the future while reminiscing about the past. It talks about the people who influenced BTS into getting into music and the hard work they put in to realize their dreams of debuting.

While hoping for a better future ahead and wishing for ARMYS to stand by them through it all, the group also looks back and wonders if they would have reached this stage in their careers if they had taken a different path in their lives.

"What will I get to see at the end of this path where you will be standing."

9) Ano Bashode/I Like It Pt. 2


Ano Bashode is a Japanese song from their first Japanese album, Wake Up. It is both a song about love found and love lost. A break-up has ensued, and the couple is not together anymore, but the protagonist is still in love and wants to get back together.

This song portrays the emotions of a break-up and how sometimes we desperately want to get back an old love. The theme might be heavy, but the song is an adorable and bubbly one with an equally cute dance routine.

"When did a wall develop between us two? Two people who pass by each other without noticing the other."

10) Heartbeat


Heartbeat was not part of any official album but part of a compilation for their BTS WORLD game original soundtrack. The game revolves between two realities where in one of them, BTS start again from the bottom, and in the other, they don't exist as a band but have chosen different paths for themselves.

However, both the worlds have a common theme as no matter which universe they are in, they will always find one another. This is the theme of the song. It can also be interpreted as a love song.

The lyrics are so cleverly written, managing to squeeze out love and pain with every word. BTS also sings it with as much emotion.

"When you hear my heartbeat baby. You gave me a new life you gave me a new birth. I feel you’re heartbeat away. I been losin my mind I been cravin my shine. I know me before you was a ready-made me. But you designate me and you did resume me. Been calling your name in this whole universe. Now I need no space, I got youniverse."

BTS has not released an album in over a year and ARMYs are desperately waiting for the new masterpieces the septet has stored in their vault.

Note: All lyric translations have been taken from @doolsetbangtan/Twitter

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