5 beautiful TXT songs about friendship

TXT songs reflect the troubles of the youth, including friendship, love, and adventure. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)
TXT songs reflect the troubles of the youth, including friendship, love, and adventure. (Image via BIGHIT MUSIC)

TOMORROW X TOGETHER has been making waves since their debut in 2019. TXT songs explore unique concepts. For instance, the group's debut song, Crown, is about someone who suddenly wakes up one day with a horn on his head. This kind of absurd sentimentality, with deep lyrics, has become as much a staple of their image as their unique choreography.

The fourth-generation group has a diverse discography of songs showing individual members' specialties. With choreography focusing on more significant movements and quick jumps, TXT songs represent youth and their issues. The five-member group has very quickly risen to be loved by fans globally.

5 TXT songs that will make you miss your friends

With five members in their twenties going through issues that millions of young adults worldwide go through, it is hardly a surprise that TOMORROW X TOGETHER chooses to sing about the same. Here are five beautiful TXT songs about friendship that make listeners think of their friends.

1) Can't You See Me?


Most songs about friendship extol the joys of having jovial, encouraging companions that are there for each other. TOMORROW X TOGETHER's Can't You See Me is a bit different. It speaks of friends who promised forever but are losing touch with each other.

One often forgets to find time for even those considered closest in our fast-paced lives. This is one of the TXT songs that embodies the K-pop group's disposition to make songs that are slightly different.

With resentment, my heart is heavy/ Cuz you don’t understand me/ To make my resentment stop, please/ Take my hand, once again

2) 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori


Featuring Korean singer Seori, TXT sings about finding a family away from home in the people with you through any difficulty. While 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) may, on its surface, feel like a song about romantic love, the music video emphasizes the importance of friendship.

When the world seems exceedingly cruel, and one feels lonely, one's closest companions can ease the pain just by being there. Although the members in the music video seem troubled, the only joy they experience is when they are together.

From this bottomless pit/ You're the only (one) shining gold/ Now I can't stop thinking 'bout you/ When I'm sinking alone

3) Drama


Ever been part of a friend group only to feel left out? The Drama (Japanese version) music video explores loneliness and yearning to fit in. When one is young and a little bit different, there is always the feeling that one must change oneself to belong somewhere. No friendship is perfect, and such a friendship leans towards being toxic.

Drama touches upon the theme of alienation through a dream sequence, where all attention is on the person who feels left out. The lyrics hint at the narrator's low self-esteem, referring to their feelings as "drama."

I'm in that scene with your one pass/ My place under the light of the spotlight/ Those kind words that you throw towards me/ I became a lead actor in that moment

4) Our Summer


When one is with "their" people, everything seems better. The days seem too short, there is too much laughter, and one seems to be transported to better times. Our Summer talks about the friends that make one feel happy summer days again when nothing mattered but time spent together.

Reminiscent of Bryan Adams' Summer of '69, but a hopeful, youthful retrospection at the days gone by. Of all the TXT songs, this one would be perfect for listening to during cold winters to think about the feeling when it was summer.

Spread before your eyes is the ivory Milky Way/ Blooming gold season, like our summer/ No matter where you are, no matter what season/ If we're together, feel like summer

5) 9 & 3/4 (Runaway)


Being with friends can feel like being in a cocoon - in that tiny space, no one can get in or attack. Such friendships are rare and, in a sense, magical. In 9 & 3/4 (Runaway), TXT offers a glimpse into a school friendship that is fair, supportive, and metamorphic.

TXT songs often incorporate mentions of well-known literature and pop culture. With frequent references to the Harry Potter series from where it borrows its title, the song celebrates that youth and friendship are as magical as the Wizarding World.

In moments like those, when tears fill your eyes/ Hold my hand tight, should we run away?/ We've got to be together to get to the hidden 9 & 3/4

TOMORROW X TOGETHER's off-screen camaraderie comes through in their music, making listeners think about the relationships in their own lives and how they can seem beyond family.

With the Blue Hour group all set to release their new album titled minisode 2: Thursday's Child in May, fans will be looking forward to a range of TXT songs that explore the themes of friendship, being young, love, and beyond.

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