5 funniest TO DO TXT episodes: Penalty Bomb Squad, Observation Report 553, and more

TXT speaks for the youth of today who have to lead the world tomorrow (Image via HYBE)
TXT speaks for the youth of today who have to lead the world tomorrow (Image via HYBE)

K-pop group TOMORROW X TOGETHER (TXT) has established itself as a fourth-generation group to take notice of. With incredible songs like Blue Hour, 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You), and LO$ER=LO♡ER, the group has carved out a unique space that has brought them popularity worldwide.

In 2020, BIG HIT launched a variety show for TXT called TO DO X TOMORROW X TOGETHER, or simply TO DO. The first episode was released on January 13, 2020. New episodes come out every Monday, except during comebacks.

TO DO shows the group's journey from when they were newcomers to now. The group participates in multiple games, unleashing The Chaos Chapter upon each other.

With 78 episodes released on Weverse, Vlive, and YouTube so far, MOA (fans of TXT) have much content to enjoy while the group works on its comeback.

Five funniest TO DO TXT episodes


When Soobin, Yeonjun, Beomgyu, Taehyun, and Hueningkai come together, ruthless competition, playful fighting, and chaos ensue. Here are five fabulous TO DO TXT episodes that will have viewers laughing out loud.

1) Episode 5


Reminiscent of old variety shows airing in Korea, the Blue Hour group had to complete specific missions to earn stickers to fill their grape drawings completely.

The iconic "Shouting in Silence" game makes an appearance, where members wear headphones and play a version of Chinese whispers. The game caused unmitigated confusion, with words getting altered completely and members (especially Beomgyu) getting frustrated with each other.

Another highlight in the TO DO episode was a game where TXT passed flour using plates held using teeth. The playful members wasted no time covering each other with flour, almost losing sight of the game altogether.

2) Episode 21: Penalty Bomb Squad Part 2


In the second episode of the Penalty Bomb Squad episode block, the members look for cards to transfer the ticking bomb into each other's boxes. The person whose box holds the bomb last would receive a penalty.

The Penalty Bomb Squad Part 2 shows TXT's competitive side. The producers periodically announced the colors assigned to the members, and all five of them fought tooth and nail to relocate the bomb from their own color.

The members made rapid changes in the last few minutes, oblivious to the colors assigned, leading to a nail-biting finish.

One of the episode's funniest moments was when the maknaes (Hueningkai and Taehyun) trapped leader Soobin under a pile of large inflated balls. Miffed, Soobin called out to the producers, screaming, "PD nim!" while the TO DO staff and the members couldn't help but laugh.

3) Episode 41: Observation Report 553


An escape room unlike any other, Observation Report 553 trapped the fourth-generation group separately, leaving them to figure out how to escape multiple traps. Members figured out how to escape their individual traps, with all of them reuniting on the ground floor.

The highlight was members taking turns pushing a big red button that had "Do not press" written next to it. Each push of the button yielded a different result.

Soobin and Hueningkai got a shower with flour, while the second push brought snacks. When Beomgyu pushed the button again, a TO DO staff member appeared and soaked him with a water gun.

4) Episode 58: A Fake Staycation Part 2


In the A Fake Staycation episode block, the K-pop quintet each has a certain portion of the day that they can use in any way. Yeonjun chose to order snacks and drinks for the members, while Beomgyu decided to order coffee for the TO DO production crew.

Deciding that plain coffee was not entertaining enough, variety show genius Beomgyu made one of the drinks salty and had everyone choose their drink randomly. TOMORROW X TOGETHER members, curious about the taste, drank something resulting in disaster.

Leader Soobin, wishing for peace and quiet, used his time to make everyone nap. The nap-time eventually evolved into a pillow fight, with the members refusing to let anyone rest.

5) Episode 10


Filmed at Lotte World outdoor park, in this TO DO episode, the members had to find the real MOA Bong (or lightstick) amongst several fake ones. The person with the real lightstick had to keep it safe because the other members were allowed to steal it.

With speed rivaling Olympic runners, the TXT members ran about trying to find the real lightstick or chase a member who found it. The moment Soobin tries to squeeze his 1.85 m tall self into a tiny space to protect the real lightstick will provoke laughter from viewers.

The final few moments were especially tense yet hilarious as the members tried to stop the person winning from keeping the real lightstick in the designated place.

Apart from being a variety show, TO DO allows fans to get a glimpse into the group dynamics of TXT. Teamwork between the members manifests itself even when they play games with each other.

BIG HIT Music recently confirmed that TXT would be making their comeback in early May, confirming fans' speculations. In reply to a fan on Weverse, member Hueningkai said that the title track and B-sides of the new album are really good, and the concept is fresh.

After the confirmation from BIG HIT, Taehyun posted a TikTok, declaring the to-be-released album to be a masterpiece.

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