TXT’s Beomgyu reveals he wanted to debut as a band member, not an idol

TXT's Beomgyu 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE' concept photo (Image via @TXT_bighit/Twitter)
TXT's Beomgyu 'The Chaos Chapter: FREEZE' concept photo (Image via @TXT_bighit/Twitter)

TXT, aka TOMORROW X TOGETHER’s Beomgyu, shared that he had initially refused to join the debut lineup in variety show Bistro Shigor. The idol’s feature on Bistro Shigor was his first-ever solo appearance and he made it count by spilling some unrevealed secrets.

Beomgyu has repeatedly shown fans his guitar skills and had them mesmerized. The K-pop idol revealed that he wanted to debut as a band member and not an idol on the variety show.

TXT’s Beomgyu shares the reason why he refused to join the debut lineup

A social butterfly and an extrovert, Beomgyu made his first solo appearance on JTBC’s variety show Bistro Shigor. The TXT member played the role of a part-timer, helping his seniors in a restaurant. He made the atmosphere fun by being his usual chipper self to the extent that Lee Soo Hyuk, a cast member, wished to stay longer.

In a conversation, TXT’s Beomgyu shared that he was around 17 years old when he became a trainee. He debuted with the four TXT members a year later. Idol trainees usually go through a couple of years with fellow members Yeonjun training for five years, Stray Kids’ Bang Chan training for seven years and so on.

Trainees debuting in such a short period are the rare few. When Beomgyu shared his age, Jo Se Ho asked TVXQ member Changmin about his trainee days too. Changmin, too, replied that he only trained for “about a year” and debuted at 15.

TXT’s Beomgyu, as a prominent fourth-generation K-pop idol and TVXQ’s Changmin, as an iconic second-generation idol, shared an unexpected connection. The latter’s reply prompted Beomgyu to ask,

“Were you placed in the debut lineup (for TVXQ) right away?”

Changmin replied that he was placed in the lineup, the same case as Beomgyu. The TXT member then added that he refused to debut even though he was added to the final lineup. He explained further,

“I wasn’t originally planning on becoming an idol. I originally played guitar, so I was determined to eventually become a member of a band no matter what. Because the opportunity (to become a trainee) came my way, I thought, ‘Since things turned out like this, I should work hard,’ but then they suddenly said I was going to be in the debut lineup.”

The idol didn’t reveal what made him go through with the decision to debut with TXT, but looking at the incredible levels the group has reached and the relationship with their fans, Beomgyu seems more than content to have walked on the idol path, much like MOAs (Moment of Alwaysness).

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