Harvard-trained Twitch psychiatrist Dr. K has a message for people with video game addiction

Image Credits: Twitch
Image Credits: Twitch

In an era where streaming has emerged as a popular and viable profession, it has become imperative to safeguard one's mental health. This is especially so on platforms like Twitch and YouTube, which operate as highly-demanding digital spectrums.

Keeping this notion in mind is HealthyGamerGG, a monetized live-stream platform on Twitch, where Harvard-trained psychiatrist Alok Kanojia, known popularly as Dr. K, interacts with gamers on a plethora of issues ranging from criticism to online harassment.

Throughout his streams, Dr. K has interviewed popular Twitch streamers such as Pokimane, Asmongold, and Alinity, among others, and enjoys a stellar following due to his involvement and insightful assessments.

Recently, he interviewed a video game addict named Scott on Twitch, and provided valuable inputs on how to cope with this kind of fixation.

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Fighting video game addiction on Twitch with Dr. K


In one of his recent videos, Dr. K interviewed Scott, who admitted to playing video games for around 18 to 20 hours a day. Scott also revealed that he plays a lot of World of Warcraft, and fighting games such as Smash Tekken, which have severely hampered his ability to develop relationships and get a job.

Dr. K urged him to speak about his personal life and made interesting observations linked to his guest's low self-esteem, fear of rejection, and the need to associate a sense of value to video games.

Moreover, the doctor related Scott's addiction to the fact that video games provide a sense of wholesomeness and progress in his life, lacking in other avenues.

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He also stated that video games provide a guarantee and a sense of accomplishment compared to the uncertainties of life. Emphasizing the fact that video games should not be downplayed as meaningless in terms of worth and impact, he stated:

"You don't think about what you enjoy, you think about what you may enjoy and you let that control whether you act. As a gamer, you guys are great at optimizing. You just need the social skills to apply for that job, as games train us to think in terms of efficiency."
"Front load your job so that you can be a lazy asshole down the road. I want you guys to try and optimize and maximize your laziness."
"Be lazy. try to be the laziest person you can, but make it work for you. Hard and impossible can be the same to a gamer. I'll leave you guys with that thought."

Through his Twitch streams and interactions, Dr. K has helped promote an inclusive environment for gamers, who often seek solace in the virtual sphere, due to non-acceptance in the real world.

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Such kind of wholesome streams are the need of the hour, as they help defy the toxic atmosphere that generally prevails in today's day on platforms like Twitch.

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