Hayao Miyazaki net worth: Legendary animator's fortune explored as he comes out of retirement for final Studio Ghibli film

Hayao Miyazaki and his 2001 ultra-hit anime 'Spirited Away' (Image via Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, and Studio Ghibli)
Hayao Miyazaki and his 2001 ultra-hit anime 'Spirited Away' (Image via Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, and Studio Ghibli)

After announcing his retirement again in 2013, famed anime filmmaker Hayao Miyazaki has revealed that he will be making his last film project called, How Do You Live? Previously, Miyazaki had announced his retirement in the 1990s before returning to direct the critically acclaimed Spirited Away in 2001. The Studio Ghibli co-founder also won an Oscar for the film.

He recently spoke with The New York Times, where he revealed that he is returning to direct one last animated feature movie. Upon being asked about why he is returning, the 80-year-old replied:

"Because I wanted to."

The interview also revealed that Hayao Miyazaki has been working on the film since 2017 with Studio Ghibli still chipping away at the project.

How much is Hayao Miyazaki worth?

As per several publications, legendary animator, director, writer and artist, Hayao Miyazaki has amassed over $50 million. Most of his fortune is owed to his long career, producing and directing animated films.

Miyazaki's career reportedly began in the 1960s when he worked with Toei Animation. After being involved with several projects at Toei, Hayao Miyazaki worked as the lead animator on The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun. The film was directed by Isao Takahata and was released in 1968.


The Great Adventure of Horus, Prince of the Sun, also initiated a long time collaboration between Takahata and Miyazaki, resulting in the two co-founding Studio Ghibli in 1985. The studio has made 22 animated films since then, most of which have received high praise.

Hayao Miyazaki has made 21 movies so far under the banner of his studio. The Tokyo native's repertoire includes movies like 1988's My Neighbor Totoro, 2001's Spirited Away, 2004's Howl's Moving Castle, and 2008's Ponyo.

Throughout his career spanning around an impressive 58 years, Miyazaki has garnered around 35 credits in the animation department, where he worked as a storyboard artist, character designer, and key animator.


As per his IMDb page, Miyazaki has 38 writing credits in several animated movies, starting with 1972's Panda! Go Panda! While speaking to The New York Time Magazine on Tuesday, the director said:

"The whole purpose of Studio Ghibli is to make Miyazaki films."

Not much is known about Miyazaki's How Do You Live? other than the fact that it is named after a 1937 novel of the same name by Yoshino Genzaburo which plays an integral part in the protagonist's life.

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