"He is irking me": Fans slam Pedro Jimeno for his remarks against Chantel in Episode 2 of The Family Chantel

Pedro (Image via Instagram/@pedrojosejrjimeno)
Pedro (Image via Instagram/@pedrojosejrjimeno)

The Family Chantel Season 4 returned for an all-new dramatic episode on Monday night. Titled, No Turning Back Now, the episode picked up right where it left off last week. Pedro is still unsatisfied with Chantel's help regarding housework, and shared that as a wife, he expected her to help him cook and clean, but she didn't. This didn't sit well with fans, who took to social media to slam Pedro.

The episode kicked off with Pedro getting on a call with his mother. When she asked him about Chantel, he shared that he was at peace since she wasn't at home. When his mother questioned his reaction, he shared:

"She never cleans, never organizes, never does anything. I'm always the one cleaning the entire house. She also doesn't have time to buy groceries."

During his confessional, Pedro also shared that things have changed between him and Chantel ever since they moved into their new house. He revealed that they had been fighting a lot.

The Family Chantel star went on to add that he had seen his other neighbors' wives help their husbands with housework all the time. He claimed that while they helped each other clean and organize, he does everything by himself. Pedro also spoke about how he needed Chantel to be more supportive of him, now that he has a job.

Fans who watched the episode didn't take too kindly to Pedro's remarks against Chantel, going on to slam The Family Chantel star on social media.

Pedro's remarks against Chantel in The Family Chantel leaves fans annoyed

Taking to Twitter, fans criticized Pedro for his statements against Chantel, with some pointing out that she was not his maid. Others also drew attention to the fact that she is a full-time nurse during the pandemic, and it was not fair of The Family Chantel star to expect her to cook and clean after a hard day's work.

More on what happened this week on The Family Chantel, Season 4, Episode 2

This week, Winter, Chantel and their mom are in Mexico for Winter's gastric surgery. Winter prepped herself for her surgery, but was scared of needles and had some last-minute jitters. However, the surgery was a success.

Pedro, on the other hand, found himself at home without Chantel, and invited his friend over to help him build a bookcase.

The main idea behind building the bookcase was to show Chantel that he was capable of doing things by himself. Pedro's mother also revealed that his sister had broken up with Alejandro. While the news shocked Pedro, he insisted that he still would not talk to Nicole because she had chosen water over blood when arguments had broken out previously.

Next week, when the series returns, more drama is expected to unfold.

The Family Chantel airs every Monday night at 8 pm, only on TLC. Readers can check their local listings for more information.

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