Who is Heather McDonald? Comedian hospitalized after collapsing on stage

Heather McDonald (Image via Juicy Scoop/YouTube, and heathermcdonald/Instagram)
Heather McDonald (Image via Juicy Scoop/YouTube, and heathermcdonald/Instagram)

As per an exclusive from TMZ, comedian Heather McDonald collapsed while performing on stage at her comedy show on February 6 in Tempe, Arizona. The 51-year-old comedian only managed to deliver one joke before she fainted.

TMZ also reported that McDonald hit her head during the fall and was rushed to the hospital. Reportedly, an EMT nurse in the audience ran onto the stage to provide her with first aid. Later, paramedics arrived at the venue and tended to the comedian.

A few hours later, McDonald posted a video of her apology to the audience who attended the show. In the video, which she made from the emergency room at the hospital, the California native said:

"I'm so, so sorry. I passed out on stage. I did one joke and felt so dizzy. You can see my eye... when I fell. Oh my God, I feel so terrible. I will be back. I've never, ever fainted in my life."

McDonald did not disclose the cause of her fall.

What is known about Heather McDonald?

Heather Ann McDonald is a comedian, author, and actress based out of California. She is best known for her involvement with Chelsea Handler's show on E!, Chelsea Lately. McDonald served as a writer on the series for which she has been credited in over 1100 episodes.

The comedian has appeared in numerous skits and segments of the show. She has also been credited as a writer and appeared in several episodes of the series' spinoff, After Lately. As a comedian, Heather McDonald has two stand-up specials, 2020's Juicy Scoop on Amazon Prime and 2014's I Don't Mean to Brag on Netflix.

She is also known for her massively popular podcast, Juicy Scoop with Heather McDonald, which has over 500 episodes with a claimed 60 million downloads on iTunes.

During her career as a comedian, which reportedly started in the mid to late-2000s, McDonald has sold out numerous shows across the USA.


The University of Southern California alumni has also garnered 16 acting credits through her one-time appearances in roles in shows like Fraiser, Malcolm in the Middle, Drake & Josh, and others. She has also served as the host of TLC's All About S*x and Hollywood Today Live.

According to her website, McDonald wrote two New York Times bestselling memoirs, You'll Never Blue Ball in This Town Again and My Inappropriate Life.

Heather McDonald has been married to Peter Dobias for over twenty years. She has two sons with Dobias and a stepdaughter.

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