Hellbound: What happens to Yoo Ah In's character Jung Jin Su?

A still of Yoo Ah In in Hellbound (Image via Netflix)
A still of Yoo Ah In in Hellbound (Image via Netflix)

Spoilers ahead for Netflix show Hellbound ahead

Hellbound, the latest Netflix Korean original, is an impressive dystopian mini-series. One of the interesting traits of this show is how the six episodes are split into two chapters.

The first one ended with the death of the leader of the religious group called Church of Truth, or Saejinrihwe. Viewers are in for a surprise as Jung Jin Su dies at the hand of the smoke monsters.

He is the first individual in South Korea to speak about “God’s Will” and the “decree” that binds the receiver to hell. The one who reads out the decree is the angel of death, while the one who carries it out in Hellbound are the smoke demons.

Jung Jin Su planned to out the smoke demons through live broadcast in Hellbound

Initially, the viewers saw Jung Jin Su appear as a man beyond reproach, whose goal was to inform people of the importance of righteousness. He explained to his followers about the angel of death and the smoke demons with video proof. Some also watched smoke demons attack individuals in different locations, including a coffee shop.

Yet, the only way everyone would believe his claims was to show them one such attack in Seoul. His claims would gain credibility only if the smoke demons appeared in front of everyone. So he pushed Park Jung Ja (Kim Shin Rok) to the forefront.

She recently received her decree and approached the Church of the New Truth to get clarity regarding the same. Jung Ja hired lawyer Min Hae Jin (Kim Hyun Joo) to write a contract with the church and decided to secure her children’s future.

When the time arrived for the decree to be carried out, Jin Su arranged for national television networks to be present at the venue. He claimed that those who received the decree and were bound to hell were people who committed sins.

When the public witnessed the smoke monsters appear, his claim received credibility, and he became one of the most important persons in the country. Everyone waited for him to explain the situation and give the public a clue about how they must get back to their lives before the arrival of the smoke monsters.

Jin Su claimed that the public needed to lead righteous lives to avoid receiving a decree. However, all of his claims in Hellbound were lies.

A still of Jung Jin Su in Hellbound (Image via Netflix)
A still of Jung Jin Su in Hellbound (Image via Netflix)

Yoo Ah In as Jung Jin Su also received the decree that bound him to jiok in Hellbound

All of Jin Su’s lies were revealed to two people. First was the detective — Jin Kyung Hyun (Yang Ik June) — assigned a homicide related to the church to investigate. The second was lawyer Min Hae Jin. The former found out the truth when he tracked down his missing daughter.

Jin Su had used the detective’s daughter to silence him about his suspicions regarding the church. The latter, however, received an interview that Jin Su had given many years ago. In this, he claimed he had received a decree himself.

While many received the decree days or months before it was supposed to be carried out, Jin Su received it 20 years ago in Hellbound. He was a high school student when he encountered the angel of death. Since then, he had done his best to live a righteous life.

He believed he had lived a life that was absent of sin and wondered if that would save him from the decree. However, it didn’t. In fact, it was revealed in the K-Drama that one’s sins had nothing to do with the decree in Hellbound.

There was no rhyme or reason behind the people chosen to be bound to hell. However, Jin Su wanted the world to believe that sins were intricately connected to the decree. He wanted the society to live in fear and hoped that this fear would lead them to a righteous path in Hellbound.

Jin Su believed he had built an all-new world where there would be no wrong, and justice would prevail. However, when the time for the decree to be carried out arrived, he was attacked by the smoke monsters and did not live to see the world that he had created in Hellbound.

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